How about those over 70 and still riding. I hope to ride as long as I can still climb on. I hope never to have to give up having a horse or two.

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Looks like this posting has not continued for a long time.  2009?
I'm new to this group but love the spirit I see reflected in the posts. Personally at 61 I feel that riding is keeping me young. As many of us do I have arthritis (especially in my knees) but I swear that when I'm riding it doesn't bother me at all. I feel about 20 years younger when I'm on my horse's back and feeling the powerful movement of her body. Plus the focus riding takes gets me out of my head and thinking about those aches and pains. I have a new granddaughter and hope that she will be interested in horses so I can share my passion with her as she gets older, and that also should help keep those years at bay. ;-)
I want to be one of those lady who  people will look at and say "I can't believe she is still riding at her age". I am about to turn 66 in August and plan to ride for many more years. My mare just turned 13 in May and I am hoping she and I will be together and riding for at least 15 more years. I hope to ride her as long as she is able. I have had her for over 6 years. I was lucky to get back into horses after not having them for many years. It has been great. I am lucky to be in good health, I still work to pay for all of my horse needs and will be working for a few more years. But it is so worth it, to get to keep and ride her. I have my own truck and horse trailer and we go on lots of trail rides around my state and next Monday I am leaving for a week of trail riding in Kentucky.

Well here I am after a long time away.   Not away from the horses but away from here.   It has been a struggle with laptops, service providers, not easy to get a SP who will service everywhere that I go.   so now that it is so popular I just sit at he coffee shop parking lot, or Home Depot or where ever I can get free for me.   I turned 70 last Nov and here I am still trying to deal with the age thing and continue to fool everyone into thinking that I am only 50  lol   I do spend every winter in Fl but am lucky enough to find horses to ride down there when I find the time.   I am now home, and my horses have not seen a saddle since I left in Nov.   That should change once someone turns up the heat and stops the wind machine.   I have become a weather wimp since spending the winters south,.   I do have some camping and riding plans for this riding season, and that is encouraging right there. 


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