As of Aug 1st, I will be 66. I live in Indiana, still work and do lots of trail riding. I have a 12 year old Foundation Quarter horse mare. I got back into horses at 59 and got my mare. I am just having a ball. I grew up with horses, got divorced in my twenties and then remarried four years later. Moved into town and had to give up my gelding. I thought it would be for just a short time, but it was 32 years later before I got to get back into riding. I have met many great ladies who still ride and we go lots of places. We haul our own horses, camp, ride and have lots of fun.

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so glad there is a site for riders that are older..I am 63 and haven't ridden since I was in my teens and found a friend who had horses for adoption..Her rules are you can't ride unless you can make them follow some simple games on the ground..these aren't trained trail horses, these have been neglected, just given away, left at her door step, some bought from an auction etc..she does have horses she rides all the time..but as I said if you want to ride your adopted horse, you have to train them..we follow Pat Parelli's theorys.Things are going well on the ground after my friend got through to me.that horses aren't big dogs and the rules are different. In the saddle I have fallen about 4 times in about the past 10 years. I have knee arthritis probably like many our age, and fibromyalgia..but I still try,, finally back in the saddle I have a new problem..the fear factor has set in..just starting to trot, there is a knot in my stomach..took years with this horse to have the nerve to put both heels on her to start the trot because of the increased speed, heavens,,the thought of a cantor!!! everyone says the cantor is easier....any one have any sugestions for this ol' girl..??
I guess I am trying to make myself older. Actually I was 65 Aug 1. It's tough trying to get back your confidence back. As a child and young adult, I rode anything and didn't worry about it. When I started back with horses at 59, it was a different story. I didn't make the wisest choice picking out my mare. She was nearly 7 and hadn't been ridden in about 2 years. We had a lot of ups and downs and for a while, I wasn't sure I would keep her. But I have had her now over 5 and a half years. In 2007, she threw me off and I had two broken ribs and a tear in my spleen. I spent 5 days in the hospital and several weeks sleeping in a hospital bed in the living room. 10 weeks later, she bucked me off again. That time, I was only bruised. I couldn't ride for 8 weeks after the first time, and I was a nervous wreck. I just couldn't trust her. I tried to figure out what caused the accident, because one minute we were riding along just fine and the next she was in rodeo mode. I have the vet give her a complete check-up and had her saddle fit checked. And nothing showed up. When I came off the second time, we had only gone about 50 feet, when she bucked again. I had changed her girth a couple of month before that, and wondered if she hadn't been pinched. I put back the old one and went ahead and rode her. Since I have gone back to to regular type of girth, there has been no more bucking. Thank goodness. It took me several months to get my confidence back. Just take it slow and easy.
WOW, what an experience! I'ts amazing you didn't quit! Do you do ground work with her before you get in the saddle? I thought I had it bad..but O for the love of the horse..I do take it slow..too slow and she'll go around a couple of times in the arena..shortens the circles..then goes to the gate, takes alot of encouragement to keep her going, I'm afraid she'll buck if I keep on trying to make her go, although she never has..I think she also gets board too..I try different things with the treats, so when I do things without the treats, she drags along after that as if she were I reading too much into this whole thing..?
Hi, ladies!

I have to share this with you: this past weekend my Mum finished her Dressage Canada gold medal requirements at PSG, at the age of 72, on a horse she's trained herself. We all toasted her with champagne at the after-show party on Sunday night, and hope we're doing the same at her age!
Well, tell her congrats for that. I plan on still riding at 72 and long after that I hope. What a wonderful achievement for her!!!
CHEERS to your mum, that is truly awsome!! your mum is proof age is just a number and Not a state of mind..Wonder what she is planning to do next? beautiful picture .
Joy, I don't work her as much as the year goes on. I am pretty in tune to her body language. I can tell if she needs some ground work before riding by the way she acts. We do more in the spring but I do ride her a lot most of the year. I try to ride her at least a couple of time a month in the winter, not good about cold weather riding. The older I get, the more I don't like really cold weather. Brenna is 12 now and seems to be much more calm that she used to be. Although she is no dead head for sure. I joined a group of ladies a few months after I got her and it has helped her and I so much. They are called the Red Hats and Purple Chaps. It is older women with horses. They do clinics, parades and trail rides. It has made me get out with her more and do things I never thought we could do. I have ridden her in the Pegasus Parade in Louisville, Ky three times. And that is a very noisy long parade and she did great. It pays to be very consistent when working with a horse. And any problems Brenna and I have had is because, I wasn't in the beginning.
I also have to watch over doing it with treats, Brenna loves them. She gets them when I clean her feet and she has raised her foot, when I say foot. Usually in the morning when I go in the barn to let them out, she gets a treat. And on trail rides I bring her favorite oat and honey granola bar when we stop for lunch.
Loved the name of the ladies group and the picture of your beautiful horse! you are very lucky to be able to have your horse so close..My horse is 30 miles away in the country, I'm in the city..If I plan to ride the 1st day I go out and pet her, brush and let her graze while I pet her, the next day I'll come out and do the ground work and try to ride and make this many things to remember while ridding! Trying to get her to follow next to the fence, well she doesn't, and I start giving her the cue with my foot, she doesn't respond so I end up pulling in the rein..she starts streaching her neck out, my friend said to get some relief from the bit..I try not to use the reins for balance, didn't think I was husband says otherwise..he is my helper and one can ride without some one there for goal is to trail ride out in the woods..I have to practice in the winter, we go into an unheated arena and try not to get her to work up a sweat,and I go as long as I can comfortably without freezing..I'm in Michigan! I went to a horsemans camp in the spring with my friend who owns the farm and her boyfriend..It Was heavenly to me to have the horses right there while we slept, I loved listening to them eating snorting and winnying through the night. I wasn't able to ride due to my inexperience..maybe next year..hows your horses hoolves. my horses' split, she has shoes now, I give her vitamins and glousinimine,,nothing seems to work..
I put Brenna on Supplements for her hooves last month. She injured both front feet (at different times) in 2008. She had to have surgery on one. She has a split in both of them. The vet said they aren't clear through but having a time getting them better. She wears shoes during the spring, summer and fall, I have them taken off usually sometime in November and have them put back on late March. And she is a little flat footed so she has a hard time on rocks and when the ground is frozen. I do have easy boots for her front feet when I ride her during the winter. Her feet isn't really too bad, but I am hoping the supplements will get rid of the splits by next spring. The farrier told me what to get.
My boarding place is about 2 1/2 miles from my house. It is a small farm, she has four horses, mine and another boarder. We all take turns taking care of the horses. I pay such a small fee, I feel better helping out and it lets me keep my hands on Brenna a lot. We buy our own hay, bedding, feed and anything else our horses need. I still work (I have a truck and horse trailer to pay for), my husband is 8 years old than me and he retired in 1999. And by me working, it pays for all my fun time with Brenna. I have a 3 horse Bison trailer with 8 feet of living quarters. So it makes is great and comfortable for me and Brenna when we travel. Jerry doesn't like to go, because it is boring for him. We will usually ride anywhere from 4 to 6 hours at a time. I do take my mom occasionally, she likes it. She is happy just sitting and reading and enjoying the peace and quiet. My dad takes up a lot of her time and she enjoys getting away. He doesn't like it, but that's because she babies him too much. My brother just lives a block away so he checks on dad when she is gone. I know I am lucky at my age to still have my parents. And I enjoy my time with mom.
I was amazed at the similarities in our lives..the farm I go to where I adopted Star, has 16 horses. She doesn't charge us anything to ride or the lessons..just to pay attention to the horses..she choses which horse for the people who come out to adopt and care for and ride if they can master the ground work and she approves..we all chip in for hay and grain fly spray etc. for the horses also..there are about 5 girls out there now.all coming at different times.We all try to make sure the horses are ok and not colicing, have water and are safe, just look around the farm .My hubby is retired also! Doesn't like the horse stuff but is good about assisting me, I can't even get the heavy saddle onmyself..thinking about getting a synthic instead of the leather one I have, so I can do it myself and justs arrange going out with one of the girls..I don't work,,I was in a bad accident that ended my nursing career..this is my hobby..and my love..Dan does't have any hobbies so he hangs with me just to do something..he is older he'll be 71. the last time Silvia who owns the farm went to the horseman't camp this year he wouldn't go,, so that meant I couldn't..her horse trailer only can sleep 3 and that's pushing it..her boyfriend rides one of her horses so her 2 horse trailer and her mom that doesn't ride, but goes out like your mom also to read and walk around, makes the three..she said I could sleep in her truck, but at my age I'm not that flexable, I need a bed and my little habits before bedtime..she is only 40.! I am very envious of your ability to be so independant with your horse and special time with your mom.I watched some of the WEG games today and it was beautiful! I loved the horses moving perfectly to the music, and here I'm struggling to just trot..tomorrow I'm going out to ride again..supposed to be nice all this week....I hope you have better luck with the hoolve supplements than I I'll try the conditioner each time I go out to see if that helps..the salesman at Tractor Supply said that is what he uses on his horses and works well...I'll have to have my granddaughter put a picture of Star up for everyone to see, I'm not that computer savvy..yet..
I also use Rainmaker on her hooves. I know it will take 6 to 9 months to really show any improvement with the supplements. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Brrr, we had a light frost on my truck this morning when I went to the barn. I usually go a little before 7 a.m. four mornings a week. I sure don't like cold weather. The farm is just out of town but it is flat around it and there is always a breeze there. So in the winter, it seems colder out there. My truck has heated seats, thank goodness. This morning I had on my stocking cap and winter coat. And it was only in the 30's this morning, you should see how I dress when it is really cold.
I am taking Brenna on a trail ride this Saturday and I am hoping to also get out on Sunday. We are trying to get a few people together for Sunday's ride. Next weekend I am going on one of the RHPC's trail ride for 3 days, it is in southern Indiana. And then we have another 3 day ride at the end of the month. That will be the end of our longer rides til next year. Our winter rides are just one day rides.
It is good you have the horse to do things with. There are times, she is the one who can make me feel better when I am down. I always come back from my trail rides in a much better mood. I have a great husband but he has a negative personality. And complains a lot, so I enjoy getting with friends who like horses and are fun to be with. It seems as he gets older, he gets more negative he gets. I won't trade him for anyone else, but I do get tired of the griping.
WOW what an adventure,, you mean you bring a bedroll like in the old west and camp under the stars outside for 3 days? hope its warmer for you this weekend..last year at the horseman's camp in Indiana was just beautiful, around mothers was near, I'll never forget, Gnaw Bone..yep, that was the name of the town..Indiana is truly beautiful..Rainmaker is also what was recomended to use..wanted to go out today but we are trying to winterproof the house in this nice weather.. calking all those nooks and cranies..supposed to go to about 79 by Sunday...where can you go in that much country? to be riding for 3 days? sounds like a retreat on go girl..saw the reining where the horse is a motorcycle...that was so creative and done very well.. what a beauty of a horse...I just loved it!!


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