In my opinion this is the ultimate ride , So what are your opinions ? Jess

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This is my trainer, on my amazing mustang, Oliver...... who I will definitely be riding bareback and with no ropes or saddle.... :) eventhough when I told my husband I wanted to ride Oliver bareback he bought me a new shiny saddle, I intend to start here with my lessons... Oliver looks ready to me.... :) yes Jess, my training leads me to bareback next....
great looking horse- I have found the less ropes and such my horses response is much more keen- thanks for the input- Jess
Talk about Natural.... and how to have a relationship, I cannot wait to learn the balance and riding skills that it will take to get to ride my horse.... :) Thanks for the compliments on Oliver.....
I have found With mo the more we work off line -and When I ride the same way his repsonse and our communication is so much quicker and makes more sence .I have even go to the point of leading Mo By his mane -I have 2 places I work with from on the mane. The mane work really is when I put up both horses from there day area , And I don't feel like fussin with the ropes . Its usually late at night - And that is kinda interesting also .Jess
I am not real good with the ropes.... I haven't really led my horse around outside of my back yard, but for 4 years, I've done everything at liberty.. I have to get better at the lead rope and then lunging and stuff..... I'd rather not though... now you are making me NOT feel wierd. :)
The interesting part to me is how they interact with us , my horses Sierra and Modoc are always intyerested in spending time with me and my Wife . I went out in the Corral today to take a nap in the lay back chair :) -Mo started in trying to get my Granola bar - then stood with me for about 30 minutes , then left -Sierra came in after Mo and did very close to the same no sleep for me . It was almost Magical Seeing the sun light over there head. Our yard is fully fenced but I cannot let Mo go becuase he is herd bound and will not lead Sierra's area, And Sieera well she could care and would go graze on the 1/2 acre lawn -Mo would not handle it real well -Paces allot . IF I let him put with her there's a chase -the yard get's ripped up and someone get's hurt . So I have Gone to the Mane leading with him and the closer to the top the more control I have , Only if he pulls and fusses does the grip get tight , I also use my Arm as an extention Just over his shoulder and that's like a emergence circle stop if he chooses to get fussy. The funny part is he will follow me everywhere , except breaks off sometimes when Sierra get's out of sight. He cerainly is a wilder Side of a horse . Sorry for the Long story-Jess
spelling checker on emergency sorry- On another point Its hard to Call Modoc My horse ,Because I know he belongs in the wild and I will never really Own him . But in the mean time Me and Mo will spend time getting to know each other ,He's the most curious little horse I have ever seen . I will care for Him and work with Mo as long As I can phisically do it , I see it as a partnership for life -Similar to Getitng married .Jess
my horse is wild too Jess.... and he breaks away or spins to the outside and tries to break loose... I keep working with him to soften him, flex him in.... :) I'm glad I'm in no hurry... I do want to take him out more, thankfully he gets out of the yard with my trainer and I have another horse to practice with.... maybe we both have the time we need on this Earth to further discover the wonder of our horses... :) Jen..
being in a hurry is over rated- :) - It took almost a year of working with Mo to have him calm down just feeding him- now he invites me in-Jess
Yesterday I worked with the ropes for a bit..... just to get him used to me having them around him..... he thinks it's fun to chew on them and shake his head up and down... :) I'm thinkin it's cool that you've bonded with Mo. :)
I can apprecaite what your saying there- I how ever learned with a green horse to ride the way I do , I was green also . I refrence green simliar to the horses stand point we learned together over time , we did not rush ,there was no hurry . I can tell you I rode in the saddle for about 2 days and it was very disconnected to me , the subtle cue's I could read with my horse were gone in my opinion . Saddle's are bulky . Now keep in mind I ride total free style , I do not compete or ride barrels and such. I ride with the notion of if its a good day we ride , if not then we play ground games . There is no real people pressure involved . I am not saying all folks would benefit from this ,as I know many will have discussions and chatter on horse back -almost ignoring there horse completly ,I always am listining and communicating With Mo , So my intensity is different , and for different reasons . I did not like the stirrups either as they gave a false sence of balance . I will be the first to tell you ridding at a gallup bare back is challenging and also a very free feeling that comes along with it . So Saddle and tack sure if you feel its right for you and your setting . Thanks for your comments - Jesse


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