Astrid has written a very important editorial on hot branding of horses. It is well worth the read.

"The topic of abolishing branding is a hot, literally on fire, in Germany. The question of animal welfare shot straight into consumer awareness with the recent massive dioxin-contaminated egg scandal in Germany. Agricultural Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) has put the question squarely on the political table in an attempt to abolish the practise, which is glorified by the German breed societies as a tradition to be upheld."

Read the editorial...

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I wish there were no other problems than that. Every foal can get the hot brand and forget it in a few seconds. Last time the vet had to put in the RFID transponder he had to inject a local anesthetic first and afterwards inject the RFID transponder. I claim that this procedure is more painful that the hot brand.

Having said that, I totally agree that such brands like at the Lusitano at the picture are a disgrace. It is ugly and unnecessarily big. The same for brands at the neck of the horse. A small one like the Trakehner or Hannoveranian is enough. Even as a brand sign it should be unobstrusive.

Some weeks ago they invited some MOP to a little demonstration to show how it works.

At the moment the discussion has disappeared from the news. (I think they need all space for the royal wedding :-)) (even in Germany)





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