Hi group! I though it might be fun to sstart a discussion on what we do with our Canadians! They are such a versitile breed!
My horse "Canadream Harrison Revelation" was supposed to be my new dressage horse... but as you can see in my profile pic, she LOVES to jump! She is 4 years old and is now schooling over 3'6"!! She has been competing in open hunters and jumpers this summer and has so far taken home 6 ribbons!
I am very proud of her!
We are going to e working on dressage over the winter and I would one day love to learn to drive her.
Now tell us about your horse :)

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Great idea! I trail ride my horses, Norchesnes Figaro Fleche (Bellefille) and Kepples Corner Elanoir Pelin (Surprise). Bellefille will do anything, go anywhere, and jump anything as long as it's not held up by standards - loves the cross country jumps. Surpise just got going this summer - lost a year figuring out why she was lame all the time - and seems to be just as easy going and fun loving as Bellefille. I've done fall shows with Bellefille, but actually detest them. Too much work for very little fun, IMHO. So the horses and I go to conservation areas, friends' farms, and the trails my husband cuts around here and spend hours out in the woods and fields and rivers. Heaven!!
Hi, just thought I'd add a bit to this if I may.... we have three Canadians, a gelding, a mare and her filly. We also own three other horses of different breeds as well. Our intent is to breed Canadians as a hobby. We completed several courses on horse breeding and were almost successful this year with AI. Unfortunately the mare resorbed so we are back to square one. Our intent is to continue with our AI program with collections from Quebec. The reason, to broaden the bloodlines locally.

Additionally each foal born will be named after a fallen Strathcona. The Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), a regiment I was part of for over 20 years was originally formed as a calvary unit made up from members of the NWMP and those wanted by the NWMP, to fight in the Boer War and continues today in Afghanistan. The regiment also maintains a Ceremonial Mounted Troop which provides the Honour Guard at all Spruce Meadow events. My hope is to have them mounted on Canadians sometime in the future since Canadians were part of the regiments original herd of calvary horses.

Currently we are fortunate to have open farmland and country side where we can ride our horses and enjoy all they have to offer. We have a couple of young trainers who would like to show our Canadians and in the future take part in the "Battle of the Breeds" at Spruce Meadows. Long story short, we're in it for the fun not the profit. We are always open to advice, we just get to choose what we listen to....
I bought my unbroken 3 year old Canadian in February. His name is Hidden Meadows Neirn Scooter. I have been a diehard TB person forever. I have broken him to saddle but I have turned him out for the winter to hopefully finish growing and not be so awkward. He is 16.1 HH currently and will probably do dressage with him if he agrees.
I would appreciate any training tips as he is VERY DIFFERENT from TB! He learns things too quickly and gets bored easily. Most of the time he is like a dream pony but then he figures he should see what he can get away with periodically!
My canadian Dez was enjoying life as a trail horse but in the past month or so she has decided she hates being riden. So now we have been working towards her being a cart horse. She seems to really enjoy it =)
We drive our Canadians. We have competed successfully in breed shows and open driving shows over the years and now we are driving the roads and trails in the Ganaraska forest for fun. This May we are going on a 4 day gypsy wagon camping trip with our horses. We will drive all day and camp every evening. It should be a lot of fun. There will be at least 2 other turnouts of Canadians and at least 1 of Canadian crosses. Right now we are starting to get our pair in shape after a long and lazy winter.
They were fresh on their first trip out but have settled down and are enjoying the change of pace and scenery.

Happy trails everyone.
WOAH! That si a stunning pic Laura! :)

Very cool. I am just at the beginning of my journey with my


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