“Whilst riding Harvey, I privately began riding other people’s horses for them....as a hobby; and shortly afterwards met Nell my now 27 year old mare.

I quickly realised that people did not seem to think the same as I did – when riding I considered the horse, the signals and cues I gave both in the saddle and on the ground and quickly built a reputation locally for calming and helping horses whose owners considered problematic.”

“After riding an owner’s horse for a short period of time, they would often comment that problems that they were having in the saddle were no longer happening that the effort they were having to put into their riding was less physical and more mental – riding became a joy not a chore where they previously felt they were hanging on to too much horse for dear life.”

“If you had asked me to put a name on what I was doing I could not have given it a name other than I was working hard building a relationship with the horse - to understand the individual horse that I was with at the time. In those days, horsemanship was not a well known term, and has probably only really become more well known in the UK since the film, the Horse Whisperer.”

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