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Have I FINALLY Found the Key to "Unlocking" My Hips?

Have I FINALLY Found the Key to “Unlocking” My Hips?

This had been a wonderful week for my riding! Last Wednesday I started doing the “rider's push-up” exercise and I had mad and wild fantasies about jumping again, so I did not immediately notice all the other good things that this exercise is doing for my seat on horseback. The “rider's push-up” is very simple and it does not cost a penny for…


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Tack Traditions

Jim Wofford wrote an insightful piece a while ago in Practical Horseman on the “mindless application of equipment, regardless of whether it is suitable for this horse at this stage of training.”

What do you think?

He said, “Nosebands are one of my many irritants…


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Bingo Did Not Like the Change in His Routine

Bingo Did Not Like the Change in His Routine

When I arrived at the stable on Wednesday for my lesson, Debbie had to go and search the stalls for Bingo. When she brought him out Bingo was obviously in a high dudgeon over something, it turned out that Bingo was not put in his regular feeding stall, and he WAS NOT HAPPY. Ignoring the hay in front of him Bingo fussed over everything, so Debbie gave…


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Whales, horses, clicker training

On a Nova Scotia horse judging trip, how cool to detour for some whale watching with my son and his friend!

As horse gals we pondered what it would be like to ride 'em!…


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My Base of Support Improves

My Base of Support Improves

This week, as I walked and trotted around the riding rings, I had to spend a LOT of time up in two-point at Debbie's stable because both Bingo's and Mia's backs were sorer than usual. Bingo had been used in a beginner lesson the day before, he is ALWAYS stiffer after someone else rides him, and Debbie had changed Mia's arthritis supplement because Mia had…


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Oakley Diaries - 31: First Half of the Year

Let's see...

I spent April travelling in Europe. I worked out a tour of sites I've long wanted to visit, for a variety of reasons. Of course horse-history is a big part of that, so I thoroughly enjoyed going to museums full of horse-armour and getting a definitive answer to a question that has bugged me for a long while, about the size of horses in the middle ages. It turns…


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Healing Journey with Mara B

Please follow our story on FB@maraequinetherapy. I post six days a week about my horse time and share how Equine Assisted Therapy is part of my healing journey after my son's suicide. I have just started to voice my thoughts after five years of retreat.

I'm on Instagram @mara.equine.moments

And blog @ Maramomentshorsetime.com

We would welcome your support and connections.

Thank you.

Helen and Mara B

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Feeding Horses: The Bare-Bone Essentials For Good Performance Are Often Overlooked

It's almost the middle of show season and after months of preparation, training and schooling, horses are expected to be at their best and perform unconditionally.  Many horse owners are quick (and excited!) to purchase new tack and equipment, new show clothing, take extra lessons and even switch up…


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My horse is bucking! -What to do? Part 2

Avoid it  - If I’m going to stir up a storm, I need to be able to ride through whatever horse’s response so that he doesn’t find bucking rewarding. So I might come at a training problem in another way vs attacking head on.

Examples – small wins vs epic wins. 3 % improvement. Aim to never have to…


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Can it get any more fun than this?

My daughter chose a ball for us, pink and purple of course. We had been targeting a ball getting ready, now we had a ball specially for this, it had stopped snowing and I had a moment. He walked up to the ball and touched as soon as he got in the round pen. I clicked him but he didn’t want a treat, there was some grass. I guess that works. I left him to eat some grass so he wouldn’t be so desperate for it when we started working and got the rest of my stuff. When I came back we got down to…


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mcintosh horse feed supplement

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