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Your July Horseyscope by Lauren Bode

Cancer  June 21 - July 20

 I believe this year will be a hot one for you.

You will be moving so fast, it will be impossible to

stay in touch. Keep up the good work. You are giving your horse

a lot of attention and affection.  He needs both at the moment as

he is just coming out of a serious training period.

Leaving the past behind may be good for you, who really knows?

It will depend on your…

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Update on Joy the Orphaned Foal



We first met Joy last December after she was taken in by the incredible people at Quest Equine Welfare in Australia.

Joy had been found at one day old, lying in…


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Your June Horseyscope by Lauren Bode

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Happy Birthday!  A really interesting year lies ahead. Horses you met a long time

ago make a reappearance in your barn. Some things just have to happen, don't

question anything. Just when you think that nothing good comes your way, something

magical happens and you will be able to ride that magnificent steed. A great year

for taking all the riding lessons which you had promised yourself.…

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Congratulations to the Winners of our Bucas Photo Contest!

Congratulations to:


Avery Sharp for her photo of "Sky's the Limit"








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Your May Horseyscope by Lauren Bode

Taurus  April 20 - May 20

Happy Birthday ! Take control of your year. Set aside time once a day, just for you and

your horse. It is your life and how you feel about yourself will be reflected by your horse's

behaviour. Communication is key this year, and you will begin to focus on your goals.

Changes abound as well, so take things easy. Check your horse's hooves more regularly.

Gemini May 21 - June…

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Your April Horseyscope

Aries March  21 - April 19

Happy Birthday Aries! A fabulous year for those overseas trips which you have been postponing.

This year you will be able to take stock of your life. Changes to your career will be putting

you in the limelight. You are a bit shy about…

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Big News and our Barnmice Birthday!!



What a Community!



Has anyone else noticed how much fantastic content we have on Barnmice?!


With millions of pages viewed in 2010 alone, we realized that we needed lots more space to show off our wealth of videos, articles, blog posts, stories and much…


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Do you have a health issue or pain? Ask the Doctor! Barnmice welcomes Dr. James Warson!

Hello All!


We just got lucky.


Dr. James Warson, neurosurgeon and the only physician in the world exclusively specializing in equestrian health, is launching a new column just for our community called "Ask the Doctor".


Dr. Warson is a renowned physician and writer. He is a distinguished military surgeon who served in Viet Nam. He is also an avid horseman and previous owner of J&J Farms training and show barn which produced…


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Your February Horseyscope by Lauren Bode

Aquarius  January 20 - February 18…

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And then a hero comes along...

There's a hero

If you look inside your heart


Watching the agonizing videos from the Australian floods this week has been almost unbearable.

The horrific loss of life, the devastation of the land, the destruction of homes - and the endless, pounding rain.


The stories and images of horses struggling for their lives, only to perish beneath the…


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Man-O-Man-Oman! Olympian Christilot Boylen Shares her adventures in Oman! Final Post

The show has been a super success apparently,and has been on Oman TV running in full length...the papers are full of reports and pictures,and

last night at a gala dinner given fittingly I thought by the Ministry

of Finance,the Government of Oman congratulated and thanked the entire

crew and all performers in this gigantic event.

The bottom line...."The Sultan was very pleased!"

The three hunderd horses…

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Your January 2011 Horseyscope by Lauren Bode


A year of major accomplishments, and happy changes. You are a risk taker, and this year all of your

attempts will pay off handsomely. You may be asked to travel quite a lot. Your chances of competing

are excellent, be brave and diplomatic and the year will be good to you. Your expression says it all.

Your horse is young and could be mistaking your aids, be patient with him, remember, only the most


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Your November Horseyscope by Lauren Bode


Happy Birthday Scorpios! A very prosperous year is ahead for you, changes will be made at your barn, these changes will be better suited

to your horses'needs at this moment.Take some time during the coming

month to take care of your own health as well. You are looking at your horse with different eyes this month as well and

are beginning to realise that change will begin with you. Your circle of friends are rooting for you, so go out there and make

your… Continue

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