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Tips to Make Your Horse Trailer More Visible

man, horses and trailer

When you’re hitting the road with your horses, the more visible your horse trailer is the better chance you have of standing out to other drivers and potentially avoiding an accident. There are a number of ways you can help to make your horse trailer more visible. These tips will get you started.

Choose a…


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How to Maximize Ventilation When Planning Your Barn

Good ventilation in your barn is so important for your horses’ health. With poor ventilation, mold, dust, and even manure bits can accumulate in the air that your horses breathe in. Good ventilation can help to minimize respiratory issues, keeping your horses healthier and able to improve at their full athletic capacity.

When you’re planning your barn, …


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A Horse's Mouth

Half an inch can make a big difference: between tension and relaxation, between anger and wellbeing, between confusion and clearness. I am talking about this half inch in length of my project horse's lower lip

He is a rather calm horse and not too expressive in his communication. Meaning no big gestures, no sudden changes. So I have to look closely if I want to know where he is at. And his nose and muzzle are tell-tale…

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Protect Your Horses from Wildfires

Protect Your Horses from Wildfire

According to the Predictive Services National Interagency Fire Center, the potential for wildfires will be above normal in multiple areas of the country this year. In the North-Central US, this…


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Fighting diseases with mathematics

As horse owners are getting ready to hit the road this spring, they should keep in mind the risk that traveling to new locations could pose to a horse’s health.

The frequent travel of horses during show season allows horses from many different places to congregate with each other, often providing opportunities to be in contact. Understanding how animals are kept,…


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How to Choose the Right Retirement Facility for Your Horse

When your horse can no longer be ridden due to old age or injury, retirement becomes a popular option. While retiring your horse at your current barn may be impractical due to facilities, space, or boarding rates, retirement facilities offer great environments for your horse to retire in. But how do you choose the retirement facility that is right for your…


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What To Do If Your Horse Has Hives

If you’ve ever had a horse who has had hives, you know how alarming the appearance of hives can be. Hives are more likely to occur in the spring and summer, so let’s brush up on what causes them and what to do if they occur.

What Hives Look Like

A horse with a case of hives will have patches of raised skin that are somewhat circular in…


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Affordable Horse Treat Alternatives

three green apples

We all love to treat our horses. Whether you feed treats by hand or drop treats into your horse’s feed bucket, always having a stock of horse treats in your barn is important. But buying packaged traditional horse treats can quickly add up, especially if you…


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Children's Summer Camp Season – Please Choose Programs That Do Not Discard Horses And Ponies!

Written by:  Equine Advocates,  reprinted with permission

Originally published here - Children's Summer Camp Season – Please Choose Programs That Do Not Discard Horses And…


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How to Fix the Fit of a Saddle That's Too Wide

After checking the fit of your saddle, have you found that your saddle is just a little bit too wide for your horse? While having a saddle that’s a bit too wide is not ideal, it’s actually better than having a…


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Grooming for Wellness - more than cleaning!

Grooming your horse - chore or something to look forward to?

I have always loved to groom horses. There is just something wonderful about feeling that you are doing something good, right here and now, for the horse in question - whether your own or any horse for that matter.

Horses are so beautifully able…


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Are You Ready to Rescue a Horse?

Rescuing a horse is a noble cause, and it seems that there is always a horse in desperate need of a good home. But before you agree to rescue a horse, it is important to consider whether you are really ready to take on a rescue. Below are just a few of the resources that you will want to have before you consider taking on a rescue horse.

Adequate Barn…


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Horse Blanket Repair Tips

Through the course of the winter season, horse blankets take a beating. Your horse’s blankets may be showing rips, tears, and even missing hardware. If you’re hoping to get them through just a few more months, then repairing them by hand is probably the way to go. These tips will help you get your blankets to last the…


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How to Stop Your Horse from Chewing Wood

You provide your horse with plenty of fresh hay and regular grain feedings, but still he feels the desire to gnaw on his stall or pasture fencing like a beaver. Wondering why wood chewing occurs and what you can do to stop it? We’ve got the answers for you.

Why Horses Chew Wood

Many foals chew wood when they are first discovering and using…


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How to Clean Water Buckets and Horse Troughs During Winter

Providing your horse with access to fresh, clean water is important year-round, but keeping buckets and troughs clean in the winter can be a challenge. Rather than battling the algae that often grows in troughs and buckets during the summer, the winter brings cold temperatures that can make cleaning buckets and troughs difficult. These tips can help to make the process easier…


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Does Every Horse Need a Massage?

"Do you think every horse needs a massage?" It’s a question I am often asked as an equine massage therapist. My answer is always the same. Yes; every horse needs a massage!

Why? For the same reasons we supply them with water and food, have a farrier maintain their feet on a regular basis, worm them, file their teeth, give them their shots, and exercise them…


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Rope Halters - Use and Fit

The new year is here and I start it with some practical advice. I asked my newsletter subscribers if they had any wishes and they asked for more horse training tips and advice. So here we go - the first article will be about rope halters
Working almost every day with a rope halter, I've almost forgotten how I used to struggle to get the knot right and all the questions I had about it. So my goal today is to answer all rope halter…

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Keeping Your Arthritic Horse Comfortable in the Winter

Winter can be rough on horses, especially those with arthritis. The cold, coupled with the reduced workload and frozen ground can leave your arthritic horse stiff and sore. Luckily there are a number of ways that you can keep your arthritic horse comfortable during the winter.

Provide Plenty of…


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Chimerism and Brindle: What Are They?

Chimerism: what is it?  Chimerism is when fraternal twins fuse together while still in utero, resulting in an organism with two sets of DNA. It doesn't occur often, and both equines and people can be…


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This Is Horse Slaughter In Canada

I’m not sure which horse is haunting me the most. There was Jack. Big part draft gelding, 23 years old. Skinny as skinny, with large white saddle sore scars. Someone used him hard and threw him away.

Ginger was 26, from the same place as Jack. Friendly and gentle. She came to the fence to say hello.

The Percheron filly was a black beauty. After her trip to Alberta she might be one of the chosen ones to be shipped live from the Calgary airport. If she survives…


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