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Insights into The World of Horse Racing - The Most Exciting Competitive Sport!

Horse racing is the sports of running horses, driven by jockeys. Horse racing is one of the primitive sports which are continuing for centuries, and the most fantastic aspect of this game is that even today the basic concept of this sport has encountered almost no alteration. A crucial feature of horse racing is that the horse which reaches the destination first and foremost is declared the champion of the racing competition. …


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Designs for your Favorite OTTB

Thanks to Natalie Keller Reinert and her wonderful blog Retired Racehorse I stumbled upon these wonderful saddle pads!  You can proudly display your horse is an OTTB every time you ride!  I ordered the white one and can't wait to get it!  I am hoping that they do other colors and keep adding to the collection.  They also will donate $5 to an OTTB charity.  Be sure to check them out!…


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Taylor-Made Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry Christmas!  Taylor definitely was a good boy as Santa left him a stocking full of treats and not coal!  (I guess he forgave the couple of times he's tried to kick me recently-ha!).  I have spent a lot of time bonding with Taylor...a LOT.  Before I started his training, I spent my time grooming him and sitting with him.  I still love it when we have the chance to just hang out together.  With that said, he can read me.  Somehow he just knows when I…


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I brought Taylor to his new home at the end of June.  I am boarding him at a stable that has rolling hills, a nearby lake, and a pasture in a valley.  It's a beautiful place! 

Let's just say Taylor was not impressed in the beginning.  In fact, he was mad at me.  This summer has been brutally hot, and Taylor is not one that really enjoys the heat.  He is the horse you will always find in the shade, if he can find a patch.  Unfortunately, his transition pen at his new home didn't have…


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The Chosen Human

Taylor had been at Race Horse Reclaim Thoroughbred Rescue for a little over six months when I decided he was the one.  I had been volunteering for a few months so I was getting to know the horses and like any normal horse lover I loved them all.  However, my heart belonged to Taylor for he picked me as much as I picked him.  The first day I was there volunteering I was standing next to his pen watching…


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Two Ears Pricked

There is nothing in this world like a horse excited to see you.




Those two ears pricked forward right at you.  A soft nicker of greeting.  A velvet muzzle thrust into your hands.  For me, these small actions just make my heart swell with joy and love.  I love to walk toward my OTTB (off-track Thoroughbred) and watch those ears prick forward and his head raise.  I'm sure he knows there will be a treat involved at some point but I'm going to say it's all…


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My New Exracehorse Taylor

This is a former post on my blogHoofbeats Return


Sorry I have been bad about blogging recently, but I have had a lot going on.  The most important of which was my recent adoption of an exracehorse named Taylor.  Talk about falling in love!  It may really have been a classic example of love at first sight.  I volunteer at an exracehorse rescue…


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Second Careers for Ex-Race Horses - My Personal Mission Statement

After much information gathering, speaking to organization leaders, questioning the roles and authorities of racing hierarchy, I’ve realized I need to clarify my position on my own thoughts and goals.

Within every state, province, country and region, there are so many organizations with concepts of helping to resolve the issue of horse slaughter.  Each has its own individual perspective, each seeks funding for their program and unique concept.  We have rescues, adoptions, horse show…


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Let's Hear It for the OTTBs!!

Saw this video of Silva Martin (eventer Boyd Martin's wife) on Eventing Nation.  She's doing a dressage freestyle on Sea Lord, an OTTB that was campaigned by eventers Boyd Martin and Philip Dutton, but was later turned over to Silva as a dressage prospect.

Check out Silva and…

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Different Breeds in Racing

When horse racing comes to mind, a herd of running Thoroughbreds vying for first is usually what comes to mind. However, there are different types of races geared towards different breeds that are becoming more popular throughout Canada and the US.


Standardbred racing is the second most prolific type of racing in North America. Horses pull small carts known as sulkies that are piloted by a jockey. They race in either a trot or pace. Except in continental… Continue

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The importance of the horse

“The greatest gift God gave mankind ------------- Was the Horse”


Horses are much more than a means of transport or beast ofburden they are integral to man discovering his purpose in life.


As a Christian woman I have always strived to live life withpurpose but discovering my purpose has been a life long…


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Of teeth and speed

Talk about falling off the wagon! Last week, the train derailed! Robin and I skipped our very first ride together on Monday – it was cold, and windy and raining early in the day, so we opted to miss this one time. I was also sick on Easter – woke up with a headache and nausea – it may have been my first experience with a migraine – so I was very worn out on Monday. Well, Tuesday, I…


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"What It Takes To Be Jockey" by Frank Lovato Jr

What It Takes To Be A Jockey

By Frank Lovato Jr.

(Aug. 2008)

For many youngsters who feel the need for speed via horseback, the idea of becoming a thoroughbred jockey seems the perfect solution. I get so many kids each year that come to me looking for some sort of advice and direction into this career of being a… Continue

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