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Tips to Improve Your Horse Training Sessions and Seat Position

Hello Julie,

I was wondering about the appropriate length of time that a training session with your horse should last. I realize that a lot of that depends on the difficulty of what you are teaching your horse and where your horse is in his learning life. But if I was having a regular, nothing-dramatically-new, riding or lunging session with my horse should I expect him to stick with me for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or what? I want my horses to enjoy our sessions together so I don’t…


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Explaining Rein Aids

Dear Julie,

Please explain to me the rein aids for English and Western. I would like to know which ones to use for each discipline and what is the difference. For example, direct and direct opposition, indirect and indirect opposition? And how do you use these in riding?


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for the excellent questions. I find this is an area that is vaguely understood, at best, by the average horse person. First of all, as far as the…


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Bringing a Horse Back From an Injury

Hello Julie,

My horse has been off all summer due to an injury and I would like suggestions as to how I can get him in shape for spring. I will work with him all winter and need help with a plan. Can you help us?

Thank you,



When a horse has been laid off for a year or a season due to an injury, you'll want to start slowly in his reconditioning program and build over time. Assuming you've had this horse cleared by a vet to start…


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