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Saddle Fit and Perceptions



If you have ever witnessed horses in a pasture or in a group standing at ease, how do they stand? A horse with its head up is alert and keeping track of its surroundings because it has seen or heard something that concerned it.…


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Saddle Fit Tip #8 - Tree Angle

Pretty much everyone riding is aware that trees come in narrow, medium, or wide, but did you know that those designations can refer both to the width of the tree (more about that in Saddle Fit Tip #9) and to the angle of the tree? If a saddle fitter tells you that your saddle is a…


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Saddle Fit and Saddle Models

I have decided that since it has now been a year since I started posting my blogs on Barnmice, I need to up the ante and increase the frequency to three times a month! So I will now be posting stuff on the 10th, the 20th, and the 30th of each month - especially since I keep adding stuff to my 'blog fodder' file. I keep finding stuff to write about and share with you!…


Added by Jochen Schleese on September 10, 2010 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

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