10 Diet Tips to a Healthier You, Tip 8

Avoid Eating Out – eating out is tricky business, sometimes you can
think you are picking healthy options, and yet they are full of calories
and fat. Just the other day I was at a restaurant and thinking of ordering
the vegetarian pad thai – until I found out the chicken fingers and fries had
less calories because the pad thai had 1900 calories even though it was
noodles, veggies, peanuts, and sauce! A person of my height/activity is
only supposed to have about 2000 calories per day! If you insist on eating
out then be sure to ask for the nutritional information – you will be very
surprised about what you find in the menu options. If you know you will be
eating out, then try having low calorie foods like a lot of vegetables and
fruit for the rest of the day since you will likely get your entire grain
and meat serving in one meal at a restaurant.


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