From out of nowhere came another lady, this one all the way from Florida, who spent all weekend in the pasture with her, no petting, just talking, and who started working on the human trust issues. Jolee turned in her adoption application after that first weekend and flew in almost every weekend after that, slowly gaining Naysa's shattered trust. Before long we started seeing pictures of Jolee sitting in the pasture, Naysa inches away, listening, or Jolee and Naysa sleeping together in the stall. The final touch was a picture of Jolee holding up Naysa's hind leg while cleaning her hoof - and no halter on Naysa. That was the ultimate "give," the end of the trust issue. These two had melded together. Naysa was finally going home.

The visits continued through March while Jolee finished her barn, bought a trailer and drove to Texas to pick up her horses. She also adopted two others. The visit did not go well. The other loaded without a problem, but Naysa would have no part in a trailer ride, particularly when other horses were involved. It took several more trips, several weekends working with Naysa in a pasture with the trailer before she finally gave in and walked into the box stall and out the side door. The day that happened, we all celebrated. Naysa almost lost her life after refusing to load in Louisiana. In all her years, there is no telling how roughly she was handled, how many times she had been beaten, whipped, kicked and shoved into submission. For the first time, without heavy sedation, she walked in, stood, and walked out again. I could hear the neighing of the horse gods that day. She finally knew she was safe, that she would not be betrayed again.

Naysa made it to her home

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