Cold Front blowing in...FALL HAS MADE IT TO TEXAS!

Well, the winds are picking up and around noon the temperature started really dropping around here, so I guess that cold front the weathermen talked about really is moving in!


Of course there have been signs around the barn that fall has been coming for quite some time...both Gypsy and Amira are REALLY fuzzing up and getting their winter coats and I think it's a bit earlier than they got them last year. Also I know Amira never gets much of a winter coat but this year she has, so I think their bodies are telling them something we should pay attention to as well...I have a feeling this is going to be a COLD WINTER!

We also have quite a few ponies and miniatures at our barn and they are all starting to look like little velveteen cute when they are little fuzzballs! I think I'll take my camera to the barn this evening and see if I can get a few pics.

Leaves are starting to drop and our trails out at the barn are looking like fall too. I love fall though but I do wish it did not get dark so doggone early. And it is WORSE this year since Daylight savings time does not end until November 2nd...of course that is just next weekend, but I'm ready for it to change.

Since the weather is turning colder I have some beans soaking for a bean soup recipe pack we got not too long ago. Mike found it at Bass Pro shop and it's called "Ass Kicking Bean Tortilla Soup" but you can edit how much "ass kicking" you want to do by how much Habanero you add to it....I plan to make ours fairly mild as this is one butt that needs as little kicking as possible!

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Comment by Barbara F. on October 22, 2008 at 3:48pm
Oooh, that sounds like a good recipe! Yes, the leaves are falling in Toronto too, and it's really quite beautiful, although I didn't appreciate yesterday's snowfall! I was out on the trails with my horse the other day and when I turned around to go back, the trail had disappeared! What's worse, I have no sense of direction whatsoever. Fortunately, my horse knows the way home!

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