2nd Training Lesson July 14 and Practice July 16 2011

We had our 2nd training lesson on Thursday July 14 with Karen this week as Gail was away.

We were learning to slow the trot down to a jog, or trying anyway. Also trying to lower Cooper's head down more in a frame, is that what it is called? We did do good several times, even slowing down very nicely to a jog without coming to a walk.

There were more horses in this weeks lesson and Cooper was excited to see them all LOL. No pictures or video, forgot the camera on Thursday and Saturday I remembered it but then the batteries were dead :(


On Saturday we practiced in outdoor arena what we had learned. We were going to practice inside because of the heat but it was very hot in there with no air at all.  Even though the sun was out there was a very nice breeze outside.

I had a hard time trying to get Cooper to slow down. He was spooking in a few corners, monsters in the bushes. We eventually got past that and managed the corners fine and even got a few circles in.

I have to work on Coopers whoa, the brakes are not that good. I might not be doing something right, not relaxing, not breathing, raising my hands too high, etc etc., and need more instruction on that. 

I had planned on going Sunday but it was way too hot so just stayed home and gave Cooper a break from working.

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