A few updates for July 17 to July 24th

July 17 to 21st did not go out to see Cooper or practice at all because of the heat. The Thursday night lesson was cancelled, thank goodness!! I probably would have passed out from having to wear that helmet in that heat.

I went on Friday to try an english saddle on him that a friend was selling. I didn't even ride, I was so hot, sweating and not feeling well.  My stump was hurting from a sweaty prosthetic sock and the other foot was all swollen and bruised from an injury a long time ago that keeps flaring up. I broke my toes, I'm sure I must have, and then this past winter I hit it again under the treads on some stairs.

The saddle wasn't any good so I tacked Cooper up his western get up and offered my friend to ride him. No camera, I forgot it again!! They looked fantastic together, he was so good, she praised him up and down at how responsive he was. 

I still wasn't feeling well Saturday so didn't go see him but did make it out on Sunday. We slowed things right down and I did some hips away and shoulder work taking my time. He was very very good. We played with the ball and he was trying to trot after it. That was scaring me a little as I still don't have good steering or brakes with him. We worked on that as well and he started to get much better with stopping. 

I really wish I lived closer so that I could go every night to see him. It's just too far when I have to go home to shower for work the next day. I cannot go and only spend an hour with him, it's always 3 to 4 hours or longer when we visit Cooper. I take a long time grooming him too, he loves the attention, and makes me feel so good.

Next lesson is this Thursday, rain or shine. We will be indoors if it rains, eww, that will be sticky!!  I think there will be a larger group too as most of the people are back from vacation time.

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