Isn't she adorable? That's my little sister playing with HER horses. Yep, she's a mini me. One of the next generation equestrians hopefully. Ever since we started to bring her to the stable with me she's been obsessed with horses and ponies. She'd prefer the big horses though. She likes the little horses and ponies but she's drawn to the gentle giants. One horse at my job, a QH gelding standing over 16 hands, loves her. She loves him too. Another horse, a smaller one notorious for biting, has also taken a shine to her. All the horses instantly cease to graze so they can visit with her. Even the grumpy and old ponies like her. It's a beautiful sight.

It has always amazed me how animals know when they're interacting with a child or an adult. Their behavior changes when it's a small child or someone with disabilities. Look at the Doberman Pinscher. Everyone makes them out to be monsters. Did you know that dobermans, when they see a child, automatically lie down? They do, all Dobies do it. They know they are large and can hurt the child so they immediately lie down. Our Doberman is a basket case of health issues and the sweetest thing ever. She adores my little sister, the one above, and my sister adores her.  

Look at horses. When someone big and non-disabled comes in they act themselves. But when a disabled person enters the scenario, or a child, they become gentle giants. They know they can hurt them so they go out of their way to make sure that child/person is safe. That's incredible. 

We used to own a Pitt Bull x Boxer named Bianca. She was a doll and unfortunately died of cancer a few years ago. Bianca hated all animals, except our other dog Sadie. Bianca would tree squirrels and tear dogs and cats to shreds. Bianca adored children and people though. She'd babysit myself or my sister while my mom cooked. You could trust her with your life. She was awesome. My brother would wrestle with her(she was 95 pounds) and she would pretend to wrestle back so she would not hurt him. Her form of wrestling with him was placing her paw on his back. With my dad however, she would draw blood when they wrestled. Bianca knew to adapt to whoever was with her. My sister(a different one) would crawl or sleep on her and BIanca did not care. Bianca was a literal angel who knew to be gentle around children.

Animals know.

I'll close now, since my little sister and I are giving her horses bathes.

Have a happy ride ya'll~ 

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