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Miss me?

 I've not written on Barnmice in a while as I've been busy with getting used to college life. I'm attending community college this year before going to university next year to start pre-veterinary medicine. I'm taking a world civilizations class, a bio-chemistry class and a math class. I've been quite busy studying each subject preparing for quizzes and tests and also writing on my blog( for each of you who reads this, will you please take the time to visit…


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I Smile....

Yesterday was our last day of summer camps for this year. It went really well despite being so very hot. Of course having my niece with me at the stable made the day automatically great.

My niece helped to groom the horses before going off with her group of kids to color T-shirts and play games. While they played I helped to lead horses on trail rides and in the arena during lessons. When we finished with that the…


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Our Country Has Gone To Pot-Vote For Rufie

We’ve been left to choose between a pit viper(Hillary) and a jester(Trump) to be our next leader. One has fake hair and one has a fake smile. One is hot-headed and one is cold and manipulative. Both suck and either way we’re screwed over double-time. Is there any hope at all for America or have we really gone to pot? I have the answer you’ve all been looking for. Don’t vote for Clinton or Trump. Vote for Rufie aka “The People Hater”.…


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The Cowboy

A while back I wrote an…


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A Horse Named Joe

I have always wanted to try my hand at training a horse so I can see if horse training is something I want to pursue as a secondary career. So when my instructor offered to let me try my hand at training a green Spanish Mustang gelding named Joe, I jumped at the opportunity.

Joe is a seventeen year old, bay Spanish Mustang. He’s had training and has even been ridden before, but it’s been quite a few years since any of that happened. His owner has no time for him and asked my…


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A dream becomes reality

Ever since I can remember a veterinarian is what I’ve wanted to be. When people ask why I chose veterinary medicine over human medicine I simply answer, “Veterinary medicine, because people are gross”. They laugh, I laugh, but it’s true. People are gross and animals aren’t. I find it difficult to watch people draw my blood but I find eating spaghetti while observing surgery on a horse to be easy.

When I was little I used to rescue injured animals and try to help heal them. Injured…


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Horses Are Who I Am

“There’s more to life than horses” is something that has been said to me my whole life. My response? “Yes, there’s ponies too.”

Horses have been an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember. I first fell in love with them when my Uncle put me on one twelve years ago. Since then, horses have been my escape from reality and therapy during hard times.

Three years ago my mother suffered from pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous pregnancy disease caused by high blood…


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My horse is losing weight like I’m losing hair…HEEEEELP!!

Okay, so your horse is losing weight quickly and you don’t know why? My suggestion would be for you to consult your local veterinarian on this and make sure there’s nothing serious going on. Horses lose weight for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have a high metabolism or their teeth need to be floated. Maybe they’re old and that’s just a part of nature, or maybe they have worms. Either way your vet needs to be consulted. We won’t discuss every reason for weight loss in horses as…


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I've been in Dallas for nine days now. Anybody who really knows me knows how I feel about cities. I love in the capital of Michigan. The city is what I know. So when I was told I was to spend over a week in the city, I was less than thrilled.

My Aunt and Uncle live in Garland,Texas, not really the city but not the country either. Their backyard looks like a jungle. It does. Trees and bushes are everywhere and there's even a creek full of wildlife. Just down the street is a "ranch"… Continue

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Taking the DIS out of Disability

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember, but growing up in  a city, I never had access to them. Then I found out about Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center, a non-profit stable that teaches anyone and everyone how to ride. They have forty beautiful acres of land and ten horses located in Lansing, Michigan of all places. It was there I began volunteering and fell in love with what they…


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We Are Family

I've been on vacation for three weeks now. Three. Whole. Weeks. My sister and I have been staying in Texas with my Aunt Normi and Uncle Herb. We don't know them too well and they don't know us too well either. It's been a journey of getting to know one another and I'm enjoying every minute of it. There are times where it's difficult, trying to figure out what's appropriate and what's not. We've…


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Once Upon A Time

It was August of last year. My riding instructor was out of town and had left me to care for her Quarter Horse, Azteca mare, Thoroughbred,Mustang and mini donkey. I agreed to care for them as I'd done it before without issues. In fact, the first time I'd done it for her was perfect. I practiced natural horsemanship with the rogue Mustang and had for the first time ever confidently cantered on a loose rein for longer than 10 minutes. We cantered around her house for over 30 minutes. At some… Continue

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American Quarter Horses

The American Quarter Horse: we've all seen them before, whether it was at a fair herding cows or in the country on a ranch. The Quarter Horse is our heritage and what we all know. They've been around as long as we can remember and have put out many great sires and mares in our time. Some of my favorites include No Guns Please, Metallic Cat, Peptoboonsmal and Lopin N My Blu Genes. All great sires famous for great things. Quarter Horses are stereotypically known for reining, cutting…


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And the Horse says...Moo?

No, no the horse does say "Moo", it says "Neigh". The cow says moo and the cow is what this is all about.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday I got to ride along with a bovine veterinarian from the Fowlerville Veterinary Clinic. Her name is Doctor Bonnie Dansby and she is awesome. So I don't…


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The Three C's

We scoop it. We dump it. Heck we even use it to fertilize our gardens. Yep, I'm talking about horse manure. There's a lot more to horse manure than just cleaning it up. We can tell a lot about our horses and their overall health from their manure. The Color, Consistency and Control of their poop can offer much insight. (Parts of this article…


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Horse training- there's more ways to skin that cat~

So you have a new horse, everything in the world is right and all is well. But, oh, wait, the horse is green? Hasn't been broken in and is completely untrained? You don't know what to do or where to start. How do I train the horse? What methods do I use? Who do I call? Should I just send the horse to a trainer? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You scream in utter despair.…


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Photography part 4

These two right here…


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Photography part 3


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Photography part 2


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Animals know

  Isn't she adorable? That's my little sister playing with HER horses. Yep, she's a mini me. One of the next generation equestrians hopefully. Ever since we started to bring her to the stable with me she's been obsessed with horses and ponies. She'd prefer the big horses though. She likes the little horses and ponies but she's drawn to the gentle giants. One horse at my job,…


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