Have you ever wondered why you like horses? 

Hmm. “Like” is a very weak word to describe the connection 99% of horse lovers feel to horses.

Statements, such as horses are in your blood, and born to ride are common among horse people and understood at a core level.

Which begs the question are horses in our DNA?  Are we (some of us) hard wired to carry the horse lover gene?

Artist / author and fellow horse lover  - Linda Finstad believes this to be true.

Looking back through the centuries, regardless of spiritual beliefs or geographical origin of our ancestors one thing was at the core of most ancient civilizations.  Something more precious than gold because without this one thing they would have progressed much slower and their lives would have been much, much harder. The common thread that binds us all regardless of race or creed are horses.

So it is not surprising that this desire to own, care for and understand horses is such a strong force in the lives of certain people.  If you have this horse lover gene  - you know exactly what I am talking about.  Horses are not a hobby or a way to get some fresh air and exercise on the weekend.  You feel a true (indescribable) connection to equines of all kinds, almost as though it is woven into your DNA.

I say don’t fight it!  Embrace your heritage and certainly don’t make excuses to those “unfortunates” who are missing this magical strand.

Artist Linda Finstad is working on a collection of “Prism-Equus” paintings to visually display this connection between cultures and ancient civilizations. If you are aware of her unique style of equine art, you will know that she aims to use colour and shapes to portray the personality of her subject.  In the “Prism-Equus Cultural Collection” she has researched the symbols, shapes and colours that were important to that culture and used them to weave a story into the art.  On closer inspection, you will see a common theme - galloping horses are featured in every painting.

To learn more about “Prism-Equus” and view the completed paintings 

visit www.LindaFinstad.com

The featured art is titled "Prism-Equus Viking"

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