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Life Hacks we can learn from horses

Life Hacks we can learn from horses

by Linda Finstad

Acknowledging horses as great teachers is nothing new.

Anyone who learned to ride on a pony will eagerly relay all the life lessons they learned from that experience.  Lessons in patience, determination, how to fall and roll and humility.…


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So you want to write a horse book?

Why write a Horse book?

For myself, the question should be “Why Not write a horse book” 

For the best part of my life horses have filled my thoughts, dreams and…


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Life Hacks# for Riding Schools

Life Hacks for Riding Schools

Stand out from the crowd by adding extra services and promotions for your clients.

Its as easy as looking through your phone book.

  • Ask your local tack store to give your clients a discount  - I am sure if you were sending all your new riders their way to get kitted out they would be more than…

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Find your Tribe - Art connects us All

Either Directly or Indirectly art has given me more than the gift of beauty and inspiration.

 Art has connected me to some amazing people and some of my most treasured friends.

My preferred art form and one at which for the past 15 years I have earned my living is “Fine Art Photography”.  Not just any fine art photography, my specialty and number one passion is…


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Have you ever thought “I should write a book about………”

If you are an instructor, coach or trainer your knowledge and expertise is Gold.  It is what sets you apart from all the other Instructors, Coaches and Trainers. The experience you have gained over time and perseverance, the insights you have learned through trail and error are priceless. 

However, your reach  - the people you can help and inspire with this hard earned wisdom is limited to time and travel. Unless you somehow record all this knowledge…


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Don't Shoot the Horses

Don’t Shoot the Horses

Before you get too upset the reference is to photography not weaponry

Have you ever had, what you thought was a fabulous idea - yet everyone around you shoots you down and tells you “Don’t Do It”.

The “naysayers” tell you it’s a crazy idea that will never work, it’s just not…


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#Life Hack - How to Attract More Customers to your Saddlery Store

#Life Hacks - How to Attract More Customers to your Tack Store

It’s no secret we live in the information age.

In fact we are bombarded with “information” every day in the form of e-mails, messages, pop up ads on-line courses and pod casts even blogs.

I am sure much of the information contained in…


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Free lesson plan for Riding Instructors

Riding instructors are hard working, dedicated women and men who want to inspire their students to grow, learn and become better horsemen and women. 

They are willing to work long hours every weekend for sure, in all kinds of weather. Very often for extremely low wages. 

Yet they love…


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The Horse-Watchers recipe for Happiness

You need:

  • – One frosty winter morning with a glorious sunrise painting soft warm rays across the snow
  • – A warm parka and cozy boots 
  • – A large go mug of coffee and baileys
  • – A large pasture surrounded by trees covered with morning dew frost 
  • – A herd of hairy horses 
  • – Several mounds of sweet, hay beckoning the herd to come for…

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How I made $50,000 Teaching Equine Behaviour

Sounds too good to be true 

Well it isn't 

And I am going to…


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Best Ever Marketing Tip for Equine Businesses

FREE Marketing action that really works!!

It works because it's FREE

That “Free” word really grabs our attention – that is because we all like to get something for nothing.

It is a universal fact of life – no exceptions.

So how can Equine Business owners use that knowledge to their advantage and ultimately increase their customer base and bottom line?

Good question  - I am glad you…


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Simple fund raising idea for equine charities and rescue centres

How to increase charitable donations

Engage your potential sponsors and educate the public about your cause.


I hope I got your attention

And you have a few minutes to read through this simple action plan that will increase cash flow into your charity.



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Horse People are a Little strange?

 No argument there  - although our behavior is only strange to Non horsey people

Have you ever wondered just How Many “Strange” people are out there and if we are all in some way connected.

Lets do the; …


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What is Horse Watching?

In life there are very few things that are both New and Free

But Horse Watching is one of them.


There is Bird watching and Whale watching so why not put a name…


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My Letter from "The Queen of England"

For the past two years I have been working on a huge project

“The Equine Heritage Exhibit”

The purpose of this project was to create a permanent record of all the breeds of horses in Alberta.

It was entrusted to me – to locate – photograph and document as many as possible over two years.  My original list had 40 different breeds, however by the end of the project I had photographed 60 different breeds of horses that are actively being bred here in Alberta, plus…


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Top Photo Locations in Edmonton

One question I get asked quite often is, "Where should we go for our portraits?" To help with planning your outdoor portraits or family photo…

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So you want to be an Equine Photographer

Equine photography is one of the lesser known, though nonetheless still popular forms of photography. For those of you who do not know what it is, Equestrian Photography is the Photography of Horses, both in their natural surroundings and in competitive situations.

Equestrian Photography can be divided into…


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Easy mmoney for Equine Establishments

If you have a riding school or equine business - you have to read this article!


I want to tell you about a way Equine businesses can both increase revenue and attract new clients to their premises without it costing them a penny.

It is a way for them to utilize what they already have and offer…


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Are Zebra’s Equines?

A Horse a horse my kingdom for a horse cried Richard 111 in Shakespeareplay, but would he has been happy with a Zebra?

Probably not!  ButI certainly think they deserve a place in the Equine Heritage Exhibit.…


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The importance of the horse

“The greatest gift God gave mankind ------------- Was the Horse”


Horses are much more than a means of transport or beast ofburden they are integral to man discovering his purpose in life.


As a Christian woman I have always strived to live life withpurpose but discovering my purpose has been a life long…


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