I was thrilled to interview another inventor on my podcast Straight From the Horse's Mouth Radio Show


On a cool November evening Sami Gros, and her friend were riding both of Sami's horses back to the barn.  Despite living in an equestrian community and using reflectors, Sami's horse and her friend were struck by a car.  It was a hit and run.

Although her friend was thankfully unharmed, her horse Afar was not.  Thousands of dollars later in veterinarian expenses Sami made it her mission to design and develop the most advanced safety lighting system for horses the world has ever seen.

That is how Tail Lights, the product, was born. Sami wanted a bright, versatile, tough, yet beautiful way to make her and any others horses' presence on the road known.


"I was lucky. Each year thousands of horses and riders are injured and with some killed from automobile encounters. Another horse or rider should never be injured again because of lack of visibility. 

My horse survived, but now he has chronic arthritis in both his back legs and cannot be ridden. We have great walks together now, and I am grateful to have that seeing so many others have lost their partners in similar instances. 

I personally designed, developed, and tested Tail Lights to be highly visible, comfortable, and restriction free for most horses to wear. They are even water resistant - meaning yes, you can hose them off.  They are gorgeous with many colors to choose from. Tail Lights is the world's first LED lighting safety system for horses.  Our Tail Lights PRO series is unparalleled in quality, durability and safety.  As used by mounted patrol units in the US and Canada Tail Lights will always help you to Be Visible. Save Your Tail."

- Sami Gros

The Kickstarter program for Tail Lights ends December 10th. Sami reached her goal of $18,000 and is moving forward. For the interview with Sami Gros on Straight From the Horse's Mouth Radio Show click here



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