We all know or have that one mare with the massive ears. We all love them to death but those ears bring us great joy and amusement. But why do they have these huge ears? Is it just a hereditary "ugly duckling trait from daddy" gene or are there actual reasons behind their size?  Here's what I dug up with a little research. 

A mare in the wild is the protector of the herd. Mare's ears are generally larger than a stallions as she protects the herd, so big ears are a necessity. So see,  those "the better to hear you with" ears ARE useful! 

A big eared horse is said to be a better jumper. It must be true. Look up pictures of McLain Ward and his mare Sapphire. Ears for days. Evidently big eared horses are better in Dressage too as seen by Debbie McDonald and her mare Brentina. Talk about eaaaaars. But wait, there's more! 

Big ears obviously mean better hearing. Nothing get by those big eared mommas. Tip toeing across the yard to break in? Not while there's a mare hanging around you won't. Not only can they hear a pin drop,  but big ears help for horses to read signals better if they have compromised hearing. Not only this,  but mares with big ears are more intelligent and have a kind personality. 

Big ears mean a horse is honest and genuine with great speed and a kind heart. 

Lastly, big ears are typically common in horses from warmer climates. Spanish horses and Spanish crossed horses are commonly seen with big ears. 

So with all that said, go hug your big eared mommas!


Have a happy ride ya'll and a Merry Christmas too ^_^

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on December 12, 2015 at 10:31am

With this blog you taught me something new, Paula.  Good work!

As an Arab person I must admit I do have a tendency to prize smaller ears.  I will now have to reform my biases to admit that those wonderful huge ears have a valid place in equine beauty.

Thank you!!!!

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