Coaching riders and… buying watermelons??

Had a little chuckle in the produce section yesterday J

Hmmm…the process of choosing just the right melon includes the 3 things I consider in choosing just the right solution to offer a horse and rider!

LOOK- We scan the melons comparing one to another - any flaws? I scan horse and rider-looking for resistance, tension, conflicting aids 

LISTEN I'm not sure what tapping the Melon is supposed to do but I do it anyway!

I've learned to listen to my riders more than I did as a younger coach. Does the point of the exercise make sense to you?? Describe what you're feeling-any frustration?  Physical limitations or even pain?  What are your long term and immediate goals?

FEEL- I feel the weight of the melon, picking it up. Checking for soft spots

“May I get on your horse?” Actually feeling the horse may lead to an AHA moment. Resistances, oversensitivity, subtle evasions, an unbalanced or uncomfortable saddle.

Look, listen, feel. Good coaching wisdom.

 Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. The Bible (James, chapter 1)

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