Hey, guys!

Have you even ridden cross country? If so, what was your favorite part?

I really like cross country riding because it really tests how the horse and rider work together. If there isn't trust between the two, it's not going to go well. You have to trust the horse to do what you ask, and the horse has to trust to not to put it in a bad position. I think it's super cool to watch how the horses/riders work together in the tough situation. Why do you like or dislike cross country? Does your horse enjoy it?

Also, did anyone else watch Rolex? If so, who was your favorite horse and rider combo to watch? Are you excited for the Olympics in London this year?


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Comment by karen trout on May 2, 2012 at 11:39am

So regret not having discovered Eventing sooner! I've been eventing about 10 years now and it never gets boring; always something new to learn, courses to conquer, and dressage to work on. Best part of course is XC. Hands down. I think it amplifies the connection we all feel between ourselves and our horses. The XC courses I like best are those with lots of woods and trails. Nothing beats hearing my horses hooves flying down quiet paths with a looming jump around the corner that only I know about!

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