Hi guys! :)

Today, my friends and I did some switch rides! Our horses are all pretty different, so it was a great experience to figure out how to ride them well. 

All of the horses were great and I'm so glad that we did this today because it gave me a lot to think about when I'm riding my horse - is there anything that I figured out today that I want to try with my horse? 

Have you guys ever experienced this? If so, what did you learn from riding another horse? Did you use this in any way to help your horse?

I really think that switch riders make everyone grow as a rider. We all get used to our own horses and we are sometimes unaware of the other new things that we could be trying or doing. Switch rides kind of wakes you up and says "Hey. You could do this with your horse too! It would make you look better!" Also, a rider is going to ride multiple horses in their life. Without getting on different kinds of horses, it will be harder later on to adjust to the horses that you are riding. It opens your brain to new ideas - I think it's really neat!

What are some of your stories about riding other horses? Did it go well? Do you think that it helped you?


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Comment by Sarah Fairfield on April 24, 2012 at 3:37pm

What I enjoy from riding other horses is the feel on each, the way they make transitions, flex etc.  Its pretty cool to go from my choppy Morgan canter to my friends Paint horses' lope.  Kind of amazing how they can feel so different.



Comment by Jackie Cochran on April 21, 2012 at 1:16pm

Switching rides taught me that every horse is DIFFERENT, and that the only way I could learn this was to ride as many horses as possible.

I now ride three different horses, two Arabs and a half-draft horse giant.  This has taught me to be compassionate of every horse I ride, each horse has its own problems that need a compassionate rider to find, understand, and hopefully fix.

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