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This week's blog is based on fashionable winter clothing and apparel for riders for the upcoming winter season. At Baker's, we have a variety of super comfortable winter items that are both fashion forward and very appealing. All of the products mentioned in this week's blog will be great for Christmas gifts for both equestrians and non-equestrians looking to be trendsetting this winter.

The number one important thing to have as part of your winter wardrobe is a good winter hat/toque. Check out our hat display at Baker's for our wide selection of winter hats this season. 

The next important item to have this winter is a durable winter jacket. Mountain Horse has a great winter jacket that is waterproof and warm. It has fur around the collar for decoration as well as for warmth, and lots of pockets for personal convenience. The colour is very chic, and can be used in both a formal and non-formal setting. Check out the Mountain Horse jacket now on the racks at Baker's. 

For other great products by Mountain Horse check out their website. At Baker's, we carry a variety of Mountain Horse products so if you have any questions or want to see any other Mountain Horses products at Baker's that you see on their website let us know on your next visit. http://mountainhorseusa.com/about_us.html

The last item everyone needs this winter is a good pair of winter boots. Most individuals, especially women, don't like wearing winter boots that are super heavy and bulky. Most winter boots on the market are usually industrial looking and unattractive but at Baker's we have the perfect winter boot for everyone this winter. It is called the Dublin Eskimo boot. This boot has padded cushioning for extreme comfort, is waterproof, resistant to salt when walking on the sidewalks, and has wicking lining. This type of inner lining absorbs fluid or moisture like a wick to prevent sweating from making your footwear uncomfortable. This boot is very trendy and looks great wearing any colour jacket or sweater. Here is a photo of the Dublin Eskimo boot now at Baker's 

For all of the early Christmas shoppers out there, come visit us at Baker's and we can help you cross off those most wanted items on those wish lists. If anyone has anymore questions on anything mentioned on this week's blog or wants to see more winter apparel at Baker's, leave your comments below or ask us on your next visit. Stay warm everyone :) 

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