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This week's Baker's blog is going to be based on the recent helmet rule that has been put into place. Starting at the beginning of this year, it became mandatory to wear an approved helmet in the dressage ring. Traditionally in eventing, a hunt cap or a top hat was worn during the dressage phase symbolizing etiquette and a rider's experience level. Although tradition is a major aspect of the sport of 3 Day Eventing, safety is the number one most important thing. With horses being so unpredictable at times, this national rule is hoping to decrease the window of head related injuries occurring within equine sports. Here is the press release pertaining to the rule now in place. http://www.equinecanada.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=ar...

With this new rule being implemented, some riders think an approved helmet doesn't give the same wow factor in their appearance while in the ring. For anyone who feels that way, come check out the large selection of very sleek and professional looking approved helmets at Baker's. We feature a wide selection of Charles Owen helmets, Tipperary helmets, Samshield helmets, IRH Elite Equitation helmets and more. Here is a photo of some of our most popular helmets sold at Baker's 

Helmets are a very important piece of equipment to wear while riding and around the farm. Many head trauma related injuries happen when you lease expect it, so being proactive and wearing your helmet when dealing with horses is a smart move. The story and images posted below are intense and sad, but showing you what damage can be done to the most important part of your body, your head, is important in order to protect yourself from enduring any injuries. The first story posted below was written before the helmet rule was enforced, and this story proves that even professional riders are capable of getting severely hurt. 


This next couple images show how serious it is to wear an approved helmet 

Helmets are very important as seen from the images above and Courtney King-Dye's story, so please make sure you are riding with an approved helmet. If you're not sure whether or not your helmet is approved you are more than welcome to bring it into Baker's to get checked, and we will help you with any helmet related questions. Horses are amazing animals and lots of fun but always remember the saying, "Safety first!" 

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