Free dressage diagrams to help you memorize you tests... and more.

Hi everyone... a lot of you have been asking me about how i begin to diagram a pattern or how i start to memorize a test.

I start with blank arena diagrams... I find them useful for a number of things. You can download them from my site.

1. Memorizing regulation dressage tests.

2. Learning the exact geometry of the arena.

3. Learning my exact tangent points for... movements such as circles and serpentines.

4. Drawing my tests from beginning to end.

5. Drawing each movement according to where the judges are judging.
(this way I know when the judge begins judging a new movement).

6. Showing a student where a movement begins and ends exactly.

7. Mapping out individual movements when I start to create choreography for a freestyle.

8. Looking at the pattern from beginning to end of a new freestyle, to see if I have used the arena wisely.

9. Checking to see if I have included all required movements for a competitive freestyle.

10. Mapping out each movement of a new freestyle so my clients and students have something to study that is very visual.

11. Checking to see if I have been inventive with the pattern.

12. Checking to see if my movements are equally used from the left and the right.

and many more!!

So I though I would give these diagrams to you guys for your use.. Feel
free to print them off and use them any time you want...and while you
are on my site... sign up for the news letter if you have not all
ready!! You will automatically get the link for the diagrams in the
welcome letter of my newsletter, so you don't have to go looking for it!

Sign up at


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