Pearls of information from Adult Dressage Horsemanship Camp Week!

GOOD MORNING I posted this on Dressage Mentor
( this morning , but know some of you guys are not members, and
though you might want to read it! enjoy

I have had coffee and even went shopping for
needed essentials in the house last night. Its the first time since
arriving home that i have had a moment! Having gotten home on Saturday,
then the Everything Equine Event and the directly into camp, its been a
whirl wind! And a GOOD one! I will post a few pearls of my own,
beginning with what i learned from YOU all!

1. Positive energy and
unbelievable attitudes can take you anywhere. (just look a Carol, she
was taken all the way to Vermont from austrailia to learn and have FUN)

2. Everyone can learn something from someone. There were so many of you that I learned something from this weekend!

3. Team work makes things run.

4. Great food makes everyone happy!

5. Reliable and Happy staff are critical to run this farm. ( Thanks to melissa, meghan, catlin, Betsy and liza I have that!)

Music soothes the SOUL! EVERYONE applied their tools that they learned
during the week and then when they rode to music, it all clicked! My
riders stopped worrying about all the little details and started horseback riding
by feel and relaxing. Every single horse and rider rode better to

OK.... here are my highlights for the Pearls
learned for my riders. Some you have already heard, but I wanted to put
them all together.

1. Question asked and answered.

2. Round, Bound, and GO!

3. Carry the tray.

4. Gardening Knees.

5. Breath, apply breath.

6. dont be a passenger to something you dont like!

7. Create, dont Wait!

8. ALLOW the neck rounder.

9. Lift the sternum! (slinky stretch ribs)

10. Bungy arms... the bungy needs to be pulling you, not you pulling the bungy!

11. put our hands where they belong, and ride the horse to that space! dont ride the head back to the body.

12. elastic contact allows for forward freedom.

13. Being in front of the leg is not just physical... its a state of mind!

14. because you have been sitting crooked for some time, actually sitting straight might not FEEL straight!

15. Change your perception of what enough is!

16. More is not always better. If you are great in a plus 1 flexion, dont go to 4!

She has to feel like she CAN! You cant "boss" a mare. They have big
egos. You cant ask them a hard question over and over, you have to show
them the ANSWER!

18. flex, release... dont hold on forever!

19. dont use MORE leg... get a better answer from LESS leg... you guys are making my legs tired standing here!

20. Check your priorities first. Forward, straight, tempo... then go on from there.

21. The connecting aid is not done until you RELEASE!

start with these! hope you had as much fun as I did! and Yes... we will
have another... Everyone, including staff, me, Kathie and Bill, Con and
Jeannette and the horses all of the East Hill Farm Family had a great
time and are now beginning the summer with a super sense of positive
energy from such a successful week. thanks guys! Ruth

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