We had to put our dear, old greyhound, Porche down last Sat, after well over 15 yrs of being a very happy dog. Always happy to go off for a ride in the forest with the horses.  I was judging that morning, so my husband and older daughter took her to the vet ( aside from old age, she had been suffering from liver cancer for 2 yrs, and her metabolism was not working well. She was acutely thin!).  When I came home,  it was my job to take Porche down below the arena, and bury her next to her bestie, Steffie, our Bernese Mountain Dog.  My husband had left her in the wheelbarrow, wrapped in her comforter blanket.  I took the wheelbarrow through the gate to go down the drive to the arena. The 2 horses came to see what I had.  Both sniffed and sniffed for a very long time. Delphi started making little knickers, like a mare to a foal.  Comet started rooting around in the blanket, and eventually uncovered her head. He then licked her face.  Eventually I started again. Both horses accompanied me. One on either side of the wheelbarrow. They had their heads in the wheelbarrow, and I had to keep pushing them away, as they stayed so close to me and Porche. At the end of the drive they stopped and watched as my husband and I took Porche on to her final resting place.  I was totally amazed at their response. They had grown up with Porche. She had been here all their lives.  She often went for rides with us, and accompanied Comet on his first solo trip to the forest. Reassuring him, when he thought the terrain was a bit odd, and scary. She went on 1st, and he followed.  They obviously loved her, and respected her as a friend.  Thought you would love to read of this lovely relationship and my super experience.!

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Comment by vickie lawson on January 31, 2013 at 1:31am

Thank you! I sure do miss her around here! And we keep remembering things she used to do before getting old and ill. She was a super neat dog, and I am still in total awe to how the horses treated her funeral! It sure does make you think!

Comment by Jackie Cochran on January 30, 2013 at 10:40am

I am sorry you lost Porche.  I am glad your horses joined you.

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