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Good Bye Porche!

We had to put our dear, old greyhound, Porche down last Sat, after well over 15 yrs of being a very happy dog. Always happy to go off for a ride in the forest with the horses.  I was judging that morning, so my husband and older daughter took her to the vet ( aside from old age, she had been suffering from liver cancer for 2 yrs, and her metabolism was not working well. She was acutely thin!).  When I came home,  it was my job to take Porche down below the arena, and bury her next to her…


Added by vickie lawson on January 29, 2013 at 11:42pm — 2 Comments

delphi's tests

ive been thinking about my little mare and how she doesn't just measure up to the big moving horses. i thought about how riders with big moving paces can just think about their test, flexion, regularity etc. whereas i have to also think about influencing her movement,and trying to get the medium paces also. that makes it much harder.

Added by vickie lawson on January 24, 2012 at 3:39am — 3 Comments

Estimating final height

Hi: what have you experienced in your estimation of final height in a horse?  is the string from knee to fetlock then pulled up effective? do you have another method which seems to work? what age do they work best from???? cheers

Added by vickie lawson on January 3, 2011 at 9:17pm — 3 Comments

taking care with baby

How much is too much? Some trainers suggest not working the young horse too much, or very often, especially if a warmblood, to prevent long-term injury. Other trainers believe that if you're not at level 5 or 6 by 6 years old, you aren't progressing fast enough. My trainer noticed yesterday that delph is bum high, so is still growing-as you would expect with only being 4. And she is so amiable, and training so well, that we are moving forward. If we stayed at the same level, she would be…


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bringing up baby

i have been so lucky with my little hano/tb. she is 4 yrs 3 mo now, and has been such a pleasant horse to start. we can go to shows-have been to 5 different facilities-including one that was many hours away. we can also go to the forest for hacks with her mum or on her own, or even... with others-not such a good idea. i mean someone saying that they tend to let their app choose it's own pace, should have warned me- and cantering down a hill is not a good idea. lovely delph though, just kind…


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i love autumn, but i don't like the lack of light. i was riding a couple of times a week after work, but there were darkening shadows. so i decided to clean stalls in the evening and ride in the morning before work. so far so good, but unfortunately, 5 30 is 5 30, whether you're riding or cleaning stalls.

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