Calgary stampede... here we come! 'The Squirt' has experienced a girth for the first time... and it triggered a brief display of a hidden talent (that I hope stays hidden)!

We would like to start teaching him to ground drive/ long line, and so we decided that it was time to introduce him to a lungeing surcingle. He flinched a bit when it first went over his back... but after a few twitches and head tosses, he settled down. Then we did up the girth... we flinched... but he just gave a few small twitches... no big reaction. Phew! Tightening the girth went better than expected. Then we took off the lead to let him wander around and get accustomed to the feel of the surcingle... and that's when the fireworks began. Hop hop hop... clear of the humans... then awaken the bronc!!!

I didn't know that he could move like that... I wish that I had it on video. It was the most controlled bucking that I have ever seen. It was like he was imitating the quintessential rodeo bronc! It was scary, amazing, powerful... and then it was over. He quickly realised that the beast wrapped around his back and belly wasn't letting go... but it also wasn't hurting him. Besides, the humans didn't seem worried. He wandered around the arena, curiously poking at things on the arena walls, then came to us to get scratches and cuddles. He settled so quickly that we decided to try lungeing him... no bucks at all. He did as he was told and he was a good boy.

Since all was going well, we decided to try him with the bridle (his second time with a bit). In went the bit, and the bridle went on in one fell swoop (no unbuckling cheek-pieces this time). Woo! Chomp chomp chomp! We lunged him from a halter while he wore the surcingle and bridle, and despite being very distracted by the strange thing on his face (facehugger, anyone?) and his fancy new 'belt', he did all of his transitions as asked, in both directions! I am still in awe! What a smart boy!

I am quite impressed with the wee lad (who is rapidly outgrowing that moniker). Even his breeder is thrilled with how far he has come in the past few months. Yay!

I know that there will still be plenty of 'brat' days that will make me wonder what I have gotten myself into... but I will revel in the good days when they happen, and remind myself of his good days (perhaps by reading these posts) when he is a brat! ;)

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Comment by Ferrous on October 25, 2009 at 8:48pm
Thanks! I thought the same thing when I read your posts! We do seem to have a lot in common! :)
Comment by saddlebroke on October 25, 2009 at 8:03pm
I sure wish you weren't all the way in Canada...I think we're kindred spirits! I so enjoy reading about your progress with your youngster.

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