Monday night Cooper didn't seem to be feeling good, kicking his stomach and his tail was tight. I walked him around in the indoor for about 1/2 hour  he had lots of gas and finally a very runny movement. I then did big circles with him at a trot for his stifle, had a hard time keeping him out on a big circle, he just kept trying to come in close to me. I am going to try to do trot circles for a few weeks, no riding for awhile until we strengthen his stifle and also have time to get him less spooky in the indoor arena.

He had another normal movement but after. He then had the beet pulp I made for him, with some carrots and apples but didn't want the grain. Maybe he was full?

On Thursday I did some big circles with him on the 22' rope. Again he was trying to stay close to me. He was spooking in all 4 corners of the arena so I worked more in the corners. I let him touch the boards and when he looked at me I smiled (with all 4 cheeks LOL) His stifle gave out twice, one time I think he slipped on some manure that was in the arena. We had some good circles going, did both sides. We then walked around to cool off and watched his buddy being ridden. First time I saw his owner since moving to the new barn, we were at the other barn together.

Forgot to take pictures again, that's ok, I don't like the way the turn out in the indoor arena anyway.

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 15, 2012 at 1:45pm

Jan 14 2012

We didn`t get out to the barn all week. Today was our first time since we moved him to finally get out there during the daylight hours. It was bright and sunny and -14 out with just a little wind so that wasn`t too bad. Cooper was at the farthest hay bale and looked up when called but didn`t come. I knew he wouldn`t, he likes the outdoor paddock too much at the new place, that is why I prefer to go at night when he is already in his stall LOL Al had to walk all the way to get him through all the frozen ruts in the ground. I would have fallen for sure if I tried to go out there.

We did some warm up work first on the 12` rope and rope halter, circles, figure 8`s, sideways and falling leaf pattern across the arena. Al walked him around a little more while I excused myself for a moment :). He was spooky as usual in the far corners. After a little warm up on the 12`rope Al did some stretches on his legs and I changed the rope to the 22`rope.

One time he stopped and started pulling back, he does this occassionally and I don`t know how to handle it. I walked at him and swung the stick & string at his neck to get him to go out sideways and then behind him to get him to move. While trying to go to him he just kept backing up and I was walking quickly towards him. Have to go through my books and dvd`s to see if there is a problem like this. 

We did 15 minute big circle trots on each side. We were in the arena when it was feeding time and they started to bring all the horses in. Cooper handled it very well today, he was calm as horses were being led through and calling to each other. I walked him around for about 15 minutes to cool down a little. He wasn`t breathing hard but was a little sweaty.

I was planning on going again on Sunday but my back and legs were sore again from being on my feet for over 4 hours yesterday. So going to try and go on Tuesday night.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 8, 2012 at 9:20pm

I went to the barn by myself on Saturday. He just doesn't seem to be very happy with me lately, ears back, just looks miserable. I have been trying to just ground tie him as the cross ties are way too high for him and he can't keep his head in a comfortable position. He was full of mud from the milder weather we were having and really enjoyed me brushing the mud off of his belly and from between his back legs. After we are all done in the arena with his workout he is more peaceful and happy looking.

I lunged Cooper on the 22' rope, big circles, big figure 8's. He was spooking a lot in the usual far corners so we did some half circles with me standing against the arena door and him moving from one spooky corner to the next. He finally settled down and would trot right up to the end and stand and wait until I had him move again.

Today I was so wiped out from the week that I didn't get out to see him. I haven't been riding but have been doing my treadmill at work during lunch. Then all the walking around in the arena while working Cooper has been making me very sore and tired too.

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