Last lesson tonight, very sad.

I won't be taking any lessons in the winter but will think about joining again come spring or summer next year.

We were fast trotting, posting trot, on the long side and jogging, sitting trot on the short sides. After a little while we started to put a sit trot circle at each corner. I was tense at the beginning but finally started to relax and felt it in the horse too. He was tired from being in the first group lesson and was always trying to stop. Once I started to keep squeezing more he moved better.

My legs were killing me!! The coach had to tell me several times to try to keep the lower leg steady, the one with the prosthesis. 

I loped on the lesson horse tonight!! At first it was very strange. His lope was one of those short choppy kind of lopes, like you see on the show horses. I felt like I was going to get tossed out of the saddle. I did several lope transitions and finally started to feel more comfortable in the saddle near the end. I was still having a hard time keeping my butt planted in the saddle. I wasn't relaxing enough, the few times I remembered to relax I really felt the difference. I can see it in the videos my husband took too.

I will get post those once I put them together with last weeks lesson videos.

I will still be posting photos and videos and of course blogging about Cooper. Can't get good photos or videos in the indoor arena at the new barn. It's so dark there. But will try to put up what I can :)

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on January 1, 2012 at 5:51pm

I haven't been out much to see Cooper. I've been so tired after work and then I had last week off but then my husband had to work and was too tired after. I think since we moved I have been out to see him 5 to 7 times? I rode him last night but only for about 15 minutes and nothing strenuous. We did a lot of groundwork, circles, transitions with the 12' & 22' rope then some giving to the bit and HSS work. We did some trot poles too. He was doing very well with this. I got on to ride and he was a little jumpy so we just did a little walking around and a bit of jogging. His right stifle gave out once while doing groundwork and again while under saddle. 

A few of the horses are off, I think they are slipping and running around in the mud that is near the gate, maybe when it's time to come in for dinner. That's when they all get excited. Or possibly when they are let out? Won't ever know what they do to themselves outside.

Heading out soon to see him again, start off a new photo album for 2012.

Happy New Year to All

Comment by Jackie Cochran on December 16, 2011 at 11:32am

It's been sounding like the lessons are doing you good.  I'm glad you will be getting back to them.

AND you get to practice on Cooper.

Good work Margaret.

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