There was only 2 of us tonight in the lesson, like getting a semi-private, very nice.

My regular coach was away and one of the other lesson coaches taught us tonight. We did circle in one corner and jogged the rest of the arena. When in the corner we were to keep our horse the same distance from the cones all the way around the circle. Cooper would try to move his outside shoulder and also cut corners. We were using the 1 o'clock position from the clock work, which I knew how to do on the ground and then transfer it to the riding. I have been having a problem under saddle doing the clock work with him.

I would use the supporting rein to keep his outside shoulder from running out and the inside rein to move him over as well as my leg. I learned to use my leg to get him to move his barrel. At first I had to use a lot of pressure, it was very hard!! Near the end of the lesson I found I didn't have press my leg as hard, Cooper started to round out with very little leg. 

In the corners after only a few times he started to go deep into them with very little push from my leg also. I sure was sore when done!!

This all sounds confusing to me to read it, it was while I was doing it, but all started to come together at the end.

I was always looking for the wrong shoulder to move when doing the clock work, the coach saw me watching the wrong one and said to watch the other one, then I saw the movement!! I liked the way this coach taught.

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on September 28, 2011 at 10:04am

Went to see Cooper Tuesday, Sept 27/11.

I was going to ride but plans changed when we got there. Another boarder was there and her boyfriend and I asked her if she wanted to try out the eEglish saddle I bought and ride Cooper in it. It looked pretty good on him although I don't think I will be riding in it for a long time yet. Cooper & I need to get better balanced before I attempt it. I am hoping that my daughter will want to go out and give him a try now that I have this saddle. She does not like Western at all.

Lindsay got Cooper to canter and he did very good. Would get the wrong lead when going to the left but did finally get it right. He was very tired after that little session so I didn't change to the western saddle, I figured he had enough for tonight.

Back again on the next lesson night this Thursday, wondering what we will learn this time. I look forward to the weekly lessons and learning new things that I can work on with Cooper.

Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on September 27, 2011 at 12:05am

We went to see Cooper on Friday, did ground work only. I cleaned up the mud off of his belly, legs and feet and then I was just too tired to tack him up. So we went and did some natural horsemanship, responsibility circle and transitions, sideways, back up, he remembered it all. I dressed his feet all up for the wet paddock, zinc on a pink foot and some hoof heal with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in it. His hooves were splitting a little which scared me because he has always had great feet. I noticed it on lesson night and everyone I talked to about it said it was normal. What do I know, it was new to me and to Cooper.

Husband had car trouble on Saturday and he had my truck all day so didn't get out to see Cooper. Went on Sunday, it was really nice out. I had to wash mud off again, but it wasn't so bad this time and his hooves looked better. We rode indoors, the little bit of heat outside was really bothering me. He did good, was tossing his head a little when I would ask him to do anything on the left side.

After a good brushing we finished off with a big bucket of beet pulp, carrots, apples, equilizer and coca-soya oil, mm mmm good!!

Hope to head back out to the barn on Tuesday, maybe ride, maybe not, will see when we get there. I really believe though, that if I could be there with him everyday it would help me so much more, physically and mentally.

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