We learned to do square corners tonight. It was hard for Cooper and myself. We were catching on but will have to practice with this one a lot. I have to learn to release and try it softer, if he doesn't get it then go back to a firmer command. We road a straight line and at the end it was a little like a turn on the haunches while trying to keep jogging and continue on in a straight line again. We did it away from the wall. Cooper would come to a walk most of the time but did do some good turns. 

My instructor could see that I was lopsided, my right side was lifted and I was lower on the left (prosthetic side, maybe it's heavier LOL) That is the rotator cuff shoulder that I am going to physio for, I have a hard time bringing the shoulder down right now. Also I don't have a lot of muscle control in either leg but for some reason the left with the prosthetic does a little better, no flopping all over. I had to push down on the right stirrup, put more weight in it, it was very hard. I can't remember what that foot is called, it has an extremely high arch, hammer toes, is that a club foot? or maybe it was the one that was removed was the club foot? I can't push down with the front of that foot either, that is why my heel is so low when riding as I can't push the toes down. I can push up, but not down. I had several surgeries on it as a child and it never corrected it. My foot was actually out of the stirrup even with the elastic on. I think I will bring a stronger elastic to try on the right side.

I am thinking of moving the stirrups back up that one hole and then try to push down into the stirrup. I might eventually manage to bring the legs back and someday remove the elastics too. Of course once I get better balanced, and Cooper too, I may be riding with no stirrups some day.

I have done no stirrup work and a posting trot and jog on the lesson horse before but not with Cooper. He zig zags too much for me to try that yet.

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Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on October 9, 2011 at 2:19pm
We went out on Tuesday Oct 4 to see Cooper and he wouldn't come in out of his pen. The mud was up to our knees and neither my husband or I could go out and get him. We tried for about 45 minutes then by that time I was not in a very good mood so just decided to go home. Better for him that we did, no sense working with him when angry.
Comment by Coopersmom_1958 on October 3, 2011 at 9:46am

Saturday Oct 1/11 Lunged Cooper in the indoor arena for about 15 minutes each side, walk, trot, canter. He bucked and acted u when first asked for canter on left lead. Only does it the first ask then he is ok. I walked around the arena into all the corners with him on the lunge line. I don't really like this way of lunging, I think I will use the rope halter and the 22' rope from the natural horsemanship kit from now on and do that way of circling. Al walked him around into the corners again while I got ready to ride, checking out the spooky barrels and other things, then he rolled the ball out and Cooper was ok with it.

I raised the stirrups back up a hole but forgot most times to stretch my legs down so really couldn't tell if it will ok. I rode him for about 30 minutes, we didn't really do a lot of lesson 13, only a few tries. His feet were too wet from washing mud off so I didn't put his SMB boots on. I did put the bell boots on the front feet. I never work him that hard anyway, only on lesson nights does he get the good workout.

The still pictures that my hubby took were awful. Most of them were so blurry you could hardly make out that it was Cooper & I, well I could, but maybe others wouldn't be able to. There was a few videos taken then the batteries died again. These are new rechargeable batteries and they lasted 4 visits before needing to be charged.

I didn't go and see him on Sunday, will be back out on Tuesday night to play again.

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