Well, it's summer and, well, Maggie was a bit over due (a week, mind) for the farrier.  I've never seen (heard!) her forge like that.  So, rather than tap tap tap tap tap our way even around the berry field, someone got a few days off. 


Which leads us to Maggie the long of frame.  Lesson last night, and, much to the chagrin of Miss Magnolia, it's time to shorten her up.  Oh sure, she'll go fairly forward in a longer frame.  The comment was sure, she's on the bit and nice, but she looks like a hunter.  Probably my 20 years in hunter/jumper land that contributed to that look.  Anyway, set the connection and forward to it she must go.  She's a bit crabby about that.  And pretty experienced at a) being crabby b) finding a way to make me give c) finding another evasion.  So, we play the lean, leg, lean, leg, lean, leg game until SOMEONE gives up.  Fortunately, it's her.  Then she's lovely and light and gorgeous ... for about 15m, and we play the game again...


Show next weekend, so if we have to, we go back to longer frame (she's showing Training level anyway, it's not exactly FEI here).  Wait til she finds out that she gets worked Monday straight through Sunday, and if her classes are after 11am, she gets longed in the morning.....  I don't think crabby really full captures the disdain of Mags...  If only she could have coffee, I'm sure she'd like mornings better....

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