Make Money - Introduce New Clients - Easy as ABC

How to - Make Money with your Equine Business

This idea is as simple as ABC which is why it works.

If making money from what you already have and attracting a steady stream of new clients to your business sounds interesting.  Continue reading.

If you have all the clients and money you could possibly want or need. Congratulations, feel free to discard this information, I won’t waste any more of your time.

As you know the horse industry has undergone many changes over the last 10-15 years, with an influx of equine assisted learning and equine therapies being introduced.  This is great news for you.  They have paved the way to public knowledge and acceptance that horses are a valuable resource for teaching and healing.  Providing a gateway to this simple program you can offer from your equine business that requires no training, certification or investment. This program works for; riding schools, horse training facilities, breeding yards, equine charities.  Even if you only have a couple of horses you can make this program work for you.

below is a simple overview of how you can make money.

“Learn to read with Shortie the Shetland Pony”

Open house - Sunday 1-3pm

Every child will receive a copy of “Shortie the Shetland Pony”

activities include Reading to the ponies - ponies love to hear stories

Creativity station - add colour and personality to the pages of your book

Pony Ride

$30 per child

(for pre-school children attending the event we have a special story time area)

Making money with “Shortie the Shetland Pony” is as easy as ABC

How easy is that?  Learn to read with Shortie the Shetland Pony can be a one time event to create a buzz for your business.  Or a regular money maker that you offer perhaps once a month.

This idea can easily be expanded and presented to schools as a field trip because the activity includes literacy, creativity and also physical fitness component it complies with most school curriculums. Offering school field trips provides a wonderful  opportunity to make money mid-week during school hours (typically a quiet time for most riding schools). 

It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce new potential clients to your facility and allow them to meet your horses and experience what you have to offer.

$30 may seem a lot for just a quick pony ride but if there is an educational component to the activity parents are more inclined to spend more.  Plus the children all take home a book specifically written and designed to foster an interest in ponies.  

So why an I sharing this money making opportunity with you?

My name is Linda Finstad - author of:

“Shortie the Shetland Pony”  and “Katy Goes to Camp”

I would love to partner with you by providing the books you need to make your open house project a success.

Order your copies on-line at   only $14.99 each

Save 20% on orders of 12 or more books

While on the web site check out our FREE colouring pages. These are perfect for summer camps, an off horse activity, or just have a few available for younger kids to colour.

Give it a whirl - you really have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

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