Master 101 Skills to Build and Boost Your Confidence Key to Success

Olympia, Washington, May 4, 2012 -- Everyone knows that confidence and success come hand-in-hand. So whether you need a little boost or a lot of building, nationally known equestrian confidence coach Cathy Rivers, as part of her Big Horse Dreams, The Confident Equestrian Program, has designed a new e-Workbook that provides a proven learning progression for mastering confidence skills in order to improve your training, riding, competing, communication and overall enjoyment of your partnership with your horse. As well as in all areas of your life.

“The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook” operates on the principles of human dynamics and high performance. Concepts that teach the complexities of how to best learn, communicate, relate to each other, as well as manage stress, maintain well-being and strive for goals. All important components in order to realize our potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

For Rivers, a human dynamics expert as well as an accomplished rider and horse breeder, confidence is not only a vital aspect to achieving one’s individual potential, but is very much a part of creating a successful partnership between owner and horse.

“Confidence is such an essential ingredient to creating the success you want in life, and plays such a big part when working with our horse,” says Rivers who is launching “The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook” as a companion to her popular and proven Big Horse Dreams, The Confident Equestrian One-on-One and Workshop programs.

Designed to guide the reader, “The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook” is organized into ten separate easy-to-understand skill areas that range from ‘’My Well-Being,’’ to ‘’In the Saddle.’’ An assessment workbook, Rivers expertly offers 101 skills that lead you towards the mastery of mindset, proven horsemanship techniques, and how to be the leader for your horse. Skills that she explains are needed to create and establish consistent confidence in the rider and for the benefit of the horse.

‘’In any aspect of your life,’’ says Rivers, ‘’you have more authentic confidence when you are physically, mentally, technically and emotionally equipped. The same is true for having confidence working with and riding your horse. The more you can bring all of yourself to your relationship with your horse, the more you will experience a true and lasting confidence.’’ 

‘’The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook’’ presents both horse owners and equestrians a roadmap to improving horsemanship and confidence over time.

• Confidence assessment

• 101 skills organized into 10 Skill Areas

• Designed to create and support confidence

• Track your progress

• Companion questions

• Coaching support through Big Horse Dreams programs 

By utilizing a grounded holistic approach towards self-awareness and change, Rivers wrote ‘’The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook’’ as a vehicle to ask each reader questions that allow the opportunity to assess self behavior, behavior of the horse, approaches towards training, self-esteem, care, horsemanship, safety and trust. Through this assessment each reader can begin to see strengths and weaknesses in the area of personal confidence and begin to develop skills to create authentic and lasting confidence for a better partnership between owner and horse.

‘’The Confident Equestrian e-Book’’ is also a proven tool for riders who are looking to boost competitive confidence. 
‘’You can have great technique in your chosen equestrian sport,’’ says Rivers, ‘’but not the confidence to match it; it’s the confidence key that let’s you and your horse succeed.’’

Cathy Rivers of Big Horse Dreams, Inc. is the Equestrian’s Confidence Coach. Rivers believes magic happens for the equestrian when their confidence surpasses their riding technique. Rivers offers various levels of Equestrian Confidence programs ranging from the Show, Perform, Win Workshop to her 6-month Gold Medal Program. 

Supporting people, especially equestrians, to flourish and experience successful and satisfying relationships with their horses is near and dear to Cathy’s heart. 

Rivers lives on her farm outside Olympia, WA where she breeds and trains Swedish Warmbloods. 



Connection, Confidence & Leadership 

For the equestrian who is ready to ride like a champion.

For more information, media inquiries, interview request or to review a copy, please contact:

Sarah Redfield, Marketing Director
Tel: 541.420.0416

To order The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook please visit:
 Big Horse Dreams, Inc.




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