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What would it be like for you to live as fully in the moment as your horse? Would living in horse time bring you more success? More happiness? More brilliance?

While horses live primarily in the present moment, humans spend the majority of their time in either the past or the future. For example: You might be worrying about how you and your horse are going to do at your next horse show and you keep reliving the fact that your horse dumped you the last time you were out. Your attention keeps vacillating between the future and the past.

Living in the present looks like, ‘here is our practice today’, ‘the sun feels good on my face’, ‘ride this step, now this step’, ‘oops, we just tripped, breathe, support my horse, find the next step’.

When you live in the moment, truly live in the moment, life is so much easier. You don’t carry around baggage from the past, you don’t worry about or dread the future, you don’t blame, you don’t judge. In fact, when you live in the moment you actually can’t do those things; it isn’t possible.

I think this concept of horse time is one reason we are drawn to horses. Being with your horse often takes you into the present moment; all of your attention is on the now, more deeply than you can go on your own.  You get out of your head and into your other senses. You get refreshed and exhilarated: all benefits of being in the moment.

What if you could take that same experience into the rest of your life? To time with your family or when you are at work. When there is stress, tension and conflict around you.

Here’s how.

First, notice. If your mind and emotions are about the past or the future, you aren’t in the present moment.

Second, get into your body. Settle into all your senses. You don’t ride your horse with just your mind.  You ride your horse with your whole self and with a ton of intuition. Take what you know, of getting into your body from riding, into the rest of your life.

Third, take a breath. How many times has your trainer told you to breathe as you are riding and how it frees up both you and your horse the moment you allow breath?

Fourth, now choose. Your choice will be more powerful coming from this ‘in the moment’ perspective.

Are you having too many challenging days in a row? Struggling in your relationship with your horse? Want more joy? Take yourself through these four steps and see what a difference it makes.

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Comment by Amy Robinson on May 17, 2012 at 3:05pm

Thank you, Ms. Rivers.  sometimes it's great to be reminded of living in the "now" and not worrying about what's gonna happen tomorrow.  I agree that being with horses motivates me to look at what's happening now, though unfortunately I do find myself wondering what might happen "if."  Since I can't ride, I really need that third step: breathe.  Breathing in that horsey smell really puts me in the now.


Again, thanks for the reminder.  :-)

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