Well, little Miss Mo went to a little dressage show last weekend.  We schooled at home on Friday and she was awesome, so, it was a good way to start the venture!  She loads like a pro and doesn't get bothered by different stalls, different arenas, people on other horses wandering around...

So, our first test had a bit of speedy bit going on, back to back canter tours just melt her little brain.  Now, we have never stood in a corner to wait for our next test, but she was great about that, I thought she might have a bit of a meltdown.  Nope!  Our second test was even better, she got hot in the first canter but settled down during the next bit of trot work before the second canter.  Now if her rider had listened properly, then we wouldn't have lost points on not showing a lengthen canter.  And if her rider was also on the ball, she'd have shown immobility at the halt too... those were 4s as well. 

Now most people wouldn't consider mid 50's to be a success, but considering the last time we ran tests in front of a judge, we were talking 40's... I think that's some serious progress!  Apparently it doesn't help that she's got a wild eye, and you combine that with the fact her head sweats and she gets hot... well, she looks quite out of control sometimes...  as they say, where it ends usually depends on where you start... we'll see if we can get Miss Mo to real shows with no running martingale and have some success!

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 11, 2014 at 5:24pm

It's good to hear about your progress!

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