Today I burst into tears at the mere mention of blocking Mr Havoc's leg...

A year and a half ago, his aunt, my Maggie, was lame, and we blocked her leg, without first x-raying, because that's normal, and she broke her leg and had to be put down immediately.

So, the mere thought of doing it with him was more than I could bear.  The x-ray machine wasn't working, and this was the only other thing they could do 'right now' to figure out why he is a bit off.  Luckily, it was the same vet that was there with Maggie, so he knew why...

My trainer, bless her, convinced the vet to come back this evening with the other machine so we could get to the bottom of the problem, while I cried on Havoc while I took him back out to his paddock.  I love that little man too much to lose him too.

I hope that there's nothing awful that shows up on the x-rays and that he just needs a bit of rest and can then go back to his normal life.  Anything else is just too much for me to handle...

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Comment by MagsNMe on March 12, 2014 at 10:18pm

Well, to update you, he x-rayed completely clear, joints look great, so he'll have a bit of rest and we'll see if it goes away.  He may just have tweaked himself.  I know 2 years ago I was much more cavalier about something like this, now it renders me apoplectic.  Poor Little Havoc, he's the recipient of my over mothering!

Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 12, 2014 at 4:40pm

May Havoc get better!

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