New Beginnings: Little Changes That Mean Big Improvements for Your Barn

Years of use can take a toll on your horse barn, but luckily big improvements don’t have to mean big renovations. If you’re looking to give your barn a new beginning in 2015 but don’t want to do a full renovation, there are still many ways that you can improve it.

Horse Stalls

Adding new horse stalls can drastically improve the appearance, function and safety of your barn. Installing new stalls allows you to customize the design, look and feel of your barn without performing an entire renovation. If your barn currently has stalls with solid upper partitions, opting for new stalls with upper grids or open upper designs can make your barn appear lighter, larger and more airy.

Since the new stalls that you choose can have a large effect on the atmosphere of your barn, it is important that your new stalls include the features that you want. Classic Equine Equipment stalls are customizable from the dimensions and woods used to the colors of the steel portions. A wide variety of designs and styles gives you great control over what your “new” barn will look like.


Old, worn barn aisles are not only unsightly, they can be unsafe for both horse and human. If your barn aisle is warped, cracked or slippery, it’s time to replace it. Rubber aisle pavers can be easily installed over an existing barn floor, and provide excellent traction and shock absorption. Interlocking and designed to provide an attractive finish, rubber aisle pavers can rapidly transform the footing in your barn aisle, grooming stalls and wash bays.

Barn End Doors

Your barn’s end doors are part of a visitor’s first impression of your barn. Doors that are worn out, difficult to open and close, or poorly designed do not do your barn justice. And if you live in a cold climate, barn doors that do not close securely mean that your barn will lose heat. Simply replacing the barn end doors with new doors can greatly improve your barn’s appearance.

Barn Windows

Replacing or installing barn windows can bring extra light and ventilation into your barn to benefit the health of your horses. When installing windows in the stalls, be sure that the windows have your horse’s safety in mind. No sharp edges should be present. Any window grills should be secure and up high enough to keep a horse from accidentally catching a hoof, and Dutch windows should be able to be secured open. For an eye-catching attractive touch, consider adding shutters to your barn windows.

When it comes to updating and improving your barn, a full renovation isn’t always necessary. Smaller improvements can have large effects!


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