Make sure you pay attention to the details of your horses. Check them for injuries daily. Check even closer if the have a sudden shift in behavior. I recently had a very active senior mare that was usually pushy and rushing to her feed decide to amble around and take frequent pauses.  After a few days I brought her up to the isolation pen and let her est in the full shade with hay and water for a couple of hours. I then began my inspection with her feet (we dont ride her so likely hood of a back issue was slim.)  Upon inspecting her feet both fronts had issues. One needed a partially broken chunk trimmed off as it had folded under and put pressure on the more tender part of her hoof.  The other one had a twig with a thorn in it stuck right along side the frog.  I got the pliers and nippers out and took care of them.  Today my "Ginger" (red roan with attitude) was back! She was trotting, head tossing and kicking up her heels!  So happy to see her personality back.

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