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Christmas time

Can anybody post some holiday themed or wintery pictures to share?  I love the snowy pictures.  I will post one myself very shortly. Snow is rare in my part of the united states and it makes for such beautiful pictures.

Added by Kate Green on November 26, 2012 at 11:49pm — 1 Comment

Horse Containment

Is it the responsibility of the owner of the horse to fence their animal in, or the responsibility of the neighbors to fence the horse out? I have been debating this issue with my father in law who refuses to hold his little sister responsible for her STALLION who is always out, on our property, eating my hay, flowers, and destroying my fences.  Her property is next door and she has a 3 wire barbed wire fence that is very loose.  She operates a small animal rescue on her property and refuses…


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I dont know what to do. I want to help my fiances aunt to geld her two studs before anymore babies come along. She already cant afford to feed what she has and it looks like all her mares and donkey could possibly be bred. I cant afford to buy feed or pay for the surgeries since both are cryptos. Any ideas? I reached out to the sharing and caring group on facebook, but no response.

Added by Kate Green on September 20, 2012 at 9:36pm — 6 Comments

Purchasing pets

When you purchase a new pet, hooved or not, do you check references of the person you got them from?  Would you do a home visit with the potential pet and the person offering it?  If you decided you wanted an animal, visited the breeder facility would you walk away if their other animals were uncared for or under cared for?  I know I would. If they are selling animals every animal they have had better be in top condition.  I know of a person breeding reptiles that does not properly feed or…


Added by Kate Green on September 16, 2012 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

Paying Attention to the details

Make sure you pay attention to the details of your horses. Check them for injuries daily. Check even closer if the have a sudden shift in behavior. I recently had a very active senior mare that was usually pushy and rushing to her feed decide to amble around and take frequent pauses.  After a few days I brought her up to the isolation pen and let her est in the full shade with hay and water for a couple of hours. I then began my inspection with her feet (we dont ride her so likely hood of a…


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Story time: Tell us about what you did for the difficult to catch, the horse that either refused to go or refused to slow down.

I want to hear you stories, and share some of my own.  Tell me about the one that got away, didn't take a step no matter what you did, or wouldn't slow down long enough to get anything done. 

For our difficult to catch we had a myriad of Galicenos that had been raised with minimal human contact after the first year. They were all halter broke, some lead broke, but still very wild.  Of these we had a pair of full brothers, 8yo Flash and 6yo Peanut Butter.  Both sons of El Cacahuatito…


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Worming dos and donts, I need help!

Does anybody out there have any advice for me?  My family has given their horses the same de-wormer for 20 years and I have heard you need to change up the medication once in awhile to prevent the worms from becoming resistant.  I have also heard that if the horse isn't accustomed to a regular schedule for worming that the initial dose should be half the recommended and followed a short time later (half the usual time) with a full dose.  I have only been managing our horses health for a…


Added by Kate Green on January 5, 2012 at 1:19am — 7 Comments

Ckokes and what to do

Any one else out there ever experience the streak of fear when your beloved horse starts coughing and turns away from their food?  Do you know the signs?  Do you know what to do before you call the vet?  Don't get me wrong, I do recommend a vet check after a choke incident.  When our horses have choked in the past, it has varied in severity.  I have seen everything from a persistent cough to laying down and rolling the standing and coughing. It almost looks like colic sometimes.  The cough…


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