This is my passion and teaching other riders to ride well is my aim.
My program Applied Posture Riding is becoming an extremely popular program followed by horse riders all over the world.

Horse riding is my passion and my skill. Physiotherapy is my work. I have combined the two and developed an exercise program specifically for horse riders. I guarantee it will improve every horse rider.

Horse riding requires extreme muscle control of the postural muscles. Riding is unlike most sports in that the whole body is involved, equally. Tennis and racket sports are left or right handed. Riding requires bilateral use of the limbs.
Horse riding is mostly a static sport, unlike basket ball or hockey. The rider does not have large body or joint ranges of movement.
The horse rider requires strong deep core stability to maintain that secure upright posture in the saddle. A horse rider also needs to be balanced and control their movement on a moving animal as well as apply aids to the horse to get it to perform. This takes great skill.

Horse riding is much harder than most people think and requires much more postural strength than most riders realize. Certainly those who do not ride think it is easy.
This exercise program aims to strengthen the riders posture. Every rider who follows it will improve their riding.

For those of you who reading this and are interested to read more you can follow the link below and download a file to gain further insight into the skills required for riding. Subscribe at Applied Posture Riding.

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