They say that problems come in 3’s…

If so, then the sudden rash of  ‘lameness’ that’s been catching here on the farm of late should be over soon…

Handsome; but with a somewhat limited pain threshold!

Handsome; but with a somewhat limited pain threshold!

Number 3 happened last week, with Legacy suddenly and inexplicably becoming hopping lame on his off hind.  Being a ‘boy’, he thinks he may just die from this…  He has a tendency to over exaggerate his injuries, but after much love & attention, all signs suggest that he is on the mend.  In fact, I am beginning to think that the current lame step or two may be an act to garner more affection!

Legacy 2

Inspecting the offerings on a recent picnic…


Legacy’s sudden soreness was hot on the heels of Wicklow, who about a month ago picked a fight with the wrong pony!  Rosie is a Percheron x Welsh (now there is a mind boggling picture!) and packs a pretty hefty punch…

Ponies Grazing

Wicklow and her herd. Vega clearly thinks I am part of her herd… Heaven forbid the herds mix!

Rosie decided she wanted in on Wicklow’s herd…  Wicklow decided that the field simply wasn’t big enough for the both of them…  Rosie, evidently, disagreed; Wicklow ended up lame on her off hind from a well placed kick, thankfully pretty high up, causing bruising and a wee bit of muscle soreness.


“Are you sure you don’t have a carrot in there for me?”

This whole sorry state of affairs began mid August, when Debenhams just didn’t ‘look’ right.  We called Dr.S who, on having bloods analysed, said her liver was gone for a bit of a ball and quite honestly didn’t see much chance of things improving.  He thinks she ate something…  We are still wondering what or where as no-one else showed any symptoms, or sickness.  The bloods also showed up a very mild case of tick fever.  Thankfully she seems to be on the mend, a slow process by all accounts, but being the toughie that she is, we are positive she will be back to her old self soon.


Deb’s in healthier times… Hopefully she is back to her normal self soon

Fingers are being glued together that this is the end of it for now…  Although I have to be fair in saying that usually they never give me a day’s trouble.

Be Good xxx

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