Restore Your Self Belief When Things Go Wrong - Part two

Good morning, now then I promised that I would share some more tips about self belief, so here is tip number two for you.

Self belief is feeling good enough; its the feeling that you can handle whatever life, or your horse throws at you? Its about having a healthy appreciation and acknowledgement (we often forget this bit), of your abilities and talents. Its not about anything superficial.

Its about being OK with you, and OK with where you are at with your horsemanship, and knowing when to have the confidence to ask for help, should you need it, and feeling secure in yourself to accept help when its offered.

Now you may think you already have all the self belief, that you are resilient and tough, but trust me when I say there is always another level to go to, so that your internal resources are always feeling at their best!

So let's start to get clear about where you are right now with your self belief, your resilience.

First exercise, buy a notebook and pen, and take it with you at all times. Throughout each day for the next week jot down observations and insights, about yourself, and your horse and your horsework; your feelings, thoughts and emotions, how things have gone, weaknesses and strengths that you observe.

You may be surprised.

Check in for the next tip..... Enjoy your day :)

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