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She is shaking!!!,”  The look at me with disdain, and Scout, through her cataracts, confirms their notion.  “You are so mean!!!” This is what I get on a daily basis when I walk her in a campground or through Petco.

“It’s Wishbone!  Can I pet him?”  Scout shakes convulsively and lowers her head.

“She is looking for an upgrade!” I tell them.

Off they go- I am such a bad mother, obviously.  Just let us adopt the little thing!

Little do they know.

As I explained earlier, my Jack Russell is incarnate from a famous serial killer- do I know who yet?  Not quiet- but pretty certain.

scout on farm

Here is a day in my life:

Scout locks me out of my camper not once but TWICE with my son in the camper.  When she finally gets out, she high tails it to the petting zoo- I know this because I see everyone that was at the pool now standing up and STARING at the petting zoo. Everyone at the petting zoo is screaming, and a three year old dad (who is wearing a tropical shirt and flip flops) has Scout in his left arm and the goat in his right.

This only translates into TROUBLE.

I race down there, non chalantly of course, to see what is going on.

“She was hanging off the pig’s ear!!!!”

I grab here, apologize as usual, and make a run for the camper.

We head out at dawn.  Hopefully, not to be tracked.

Last week there was the pet parrot, which I will not get into.  I will say, I warned them.

People don’t always believe me- but I think that is why serial killers can be serial killers- they blend in.

I have been on the road with Scout for four months now.  Tomorrow we will be home, and she will be there- after this summer, I think permanently except for the odd trip to the Piggly Wiggly.

Traveling’ tzaziki!

Some of ya’ll know that I lived in Greece for a while during college.  I loved it- particularly the food!  One of the things I loved more than anything was a yogurt dip- thankfully, we can get good greek yogurt now…

1 tablespoon of finely minced garlic (or less if you don’t like garlic that much)

2 tablespoons of fresh dill (or more!)

2 tablespoons of olive oil (or less if you are on a diet)

1 tablespoon of lemon (or more if you like it!)

salt to taste

½ a cucumber- skin it and really mince it

1 ½ cup of full fat greek yogurt- mix it with some sour cream to make it really creamy!

Smear wooden bowl (or plastic if you don’t have a wooden one) with the garlic- add the lemon and salt- then add the cucumber.  Next: yogurt and sour cream then dill.  Olive oil goes last and drizzle a bit on the top.

YUMMMMM….Great on grilled veggies or ANYTHING!  I love it with warm pita bread

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